Yeah, but these things happen all the time, all day, everyday in many government sanctioned activities, by almost all governments operating on the planet, there is absolutely no regard for human life, literally no where on the planet. And lies don’t have any worth, beyond the ability to provide its own defense.

This pretense of caring about vulnerable life, when A WOMAN is making the choice, (and also a choice incidentally regarding her own body) must stop.

It is a lie.

It is not the truth.

It requests that one deeply deny reality — and it’s the deep denial of reality that I’m opposed to. Believe what you want, but say it plain. Don’t try to feed it to me or anyone else in a spoonful of sugar coated lies to try and make it palatable, mainly because I’m not stupid.

No one cares about any unborn child, except MAYBE, the mother or father. And that’s where the decision about the unborn child should rest, the father less so, because it’s not his body.

Working with the Light!

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