Yeah…everyone does this…all the time, everywhere…don’t act like you’re not a firm believer in the tradition heirarchical structures with clear winners and losers. From everything I have read from you, it seems that you have very clear ideas regarding who is worthy and unworthy based on certain superficial qualifications.

What is really bugging you though, is all the change. The divisions and hierarchies are now changing in very unpredictable ways. You don’t like it. That’s understandable.

David Mitchell wrote, in Cloud Atlas, that the way we had been doing things: race, class, gender is quickly becoming obsolete. That is not what is going to determine human value or worth any longer. (Not that it ever did really. It was always an illusion.)

If you are white and male that has got to be utterly terrifying because not only is your position in the hierarchy slipping, it is slipping quickly and this is now more obvious than ever. Women who closely link their fates to men, of course find this terrifying as well, because when the men lose, the women lose even more.

And yet, at the same time, the positioning was always illusory. Being white and male does not entitle anyone to greater anything, but getting white men to believe in that fallacy kept them invested in a system that never truly served them, for quite some time. People get brainwashed into loving their chains. It is becoming a really hard sell in this day and age, though.


Working with the Light!

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