Yeah, except and unless white supremacy is actually legislated into the founding documents of your country…ya know, how like it says in the constitution, black slaves are property, and should be counted as 3/5th of a person (not an entire person, and certainly not one with any legal rights.)

But yeah, let’s just ignore all of the extraordinarily clear documentation of the racial caste system that was set up in this country. Let’s just ignore the constitution, and the problematic amendments that attempted to correct the original situation, as well as the American Civil War- hey, that didn’t happen did it? Or the extraordinary controversy surrounding the Emancipation Proclamation.

Let’s ignore all the reams, and reams and reams of legislation designed to re-enslave, newly freed slaves — Jim Crow laws, the Black Codes, the KKK doubling as law enforcement, The systematic use of lynching black people and burnin them alive in their homes as a means of continued terror and oppression, the prison industrial complex that began IMMEDIATELY after slavery ended, and always had as it’s objective, capturing the newly freed slaves and snatching them back up into slavery.

As a matter of fact, let’s just ignore entire white southern populations, who will insist, to this day that they were wronged when their slaves were freed — and have absolutely no moral issue whatsoever of having such slavery reinstituted, because they absolutely refuse to acknowledge the humanity of black people or to see them as anything other than property. Let’s just ignore these inconvenient truths, like we do all the rest.

Let’s just ignore The Civil Rights Act of 1880, The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Civil Rights Act of 1991- Affirmative Action…all this legislation that attempts to AND FAILS to correct, huge systemic problems caused by slavery and the cultural and systematic development of white supremacy that was necessary to keep the institution of slavery in place.

Let’s just ignore all of that — so you can be right, and say white supremacy doesn’t exist…but also in the same breath, say in a very obtuse sort of way, black lives don’t matter, and it’s their own damn fault, because they should be doing, a b c or d.

And you’re right, they certainly should be doing a, b. c or d, but it’s kind of hard when you are being relentlessly terrorized by your own government, that set you up for failure from jump with the 3/5ths hypocrisy. And they new it was hypocritical and wrong from the start, that Founding Fathers, that is.

They argued about it, stated they knew it was wrong, and they knew they were hypocrites for wanting to keep it in place, but couldn’t see hoe they could possibly afford t do without it.

Some of them, George Mason for instance, refused to take part in the hypocrisy. He wouldn’t sign the constitution even though he was the one who actually wrote it! (Thomas Jefferson used the VA constitution, written by Mason as a template. TJ didn’t change much.)

Mason predicted- quite accurately, that writing slavery into the constitution would tear the country apart. It did. It has and it continues to do so.

My point is, you cannot look at any current situation- not Blacks in America, not Muslims in the Middle East and act like any of these groups are the sole cause of their own dysfunction. They are not. They have been tampered with unGodly, via wars, via bombs, via more powerful nations foreign policy, via legislation, via corrupt people manipulating their religion.

I get it, it’s very convenient, to place it all into neat, nice little black and white boxes - Muslims/bad- Americans/good. For people unable to engage in more complex thought processes, it may be the only way to understand the world today as they experience it.

But, the world is now far too interconnected, and people are too interconnected to be able to engage in this sort simplistic labeling. When this is done, it causes far more problems than it actually solves. This is why the Trump administration has received so much resistance to what it has attempted to do. The Muslim Travel ban, caused more problems than it solved. Labeling Black Lives Matter activists as terrorists, causes more problems than it solves. Seeking to deny the history of what occurred in this country and globally, only causes more problems. Suppressing or evading the truth never provides any long standing solutions, that’s exactly why we are in the national/global mess we are in right now,

I personally want to understand the more radical elements of Islam, just so that I can be informed. We should all be so informed in a world that has become incredibly connected. We do need to understand what kind of pressures that Muslim refugees and residents and citizens are under, if we are going to try and solve the problems we face in an effective manner.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!