Yeah I agree, although, I think if anyone were to run down point for point what was done to the two groups, it would be difficult to say, which suffered more.

And quiet as it is kept, the groups intermingled somewhat, in certain places. The Seminoles for example. I have a friend who swears she hails from that…honestly I don’t know why she thinks that, but she’s pretty insistent that this is the case and refers to herself as an indigenous person.

I annually attend a POW WOW in a Federal prison…because I am, among other things a civil rights/human rights activist (though I prefer the term light worker.)

The first time I heard the stories of indigenous people from all over the country (Lakota, Blackfoot, Apache, Navajo, Sioux, Yaqui, Chiricahua,) I cried inconsolably because I’d never heard anything so sad. As for the Natives I know, certainly a very raw deal was had…but natives are a vastly diverse group of people. Some are much more assimilated than others. I’ve maybe met one Cherokee at the pow wow, so doesn’t seem to me that Cherokees are targeted the way the way the others in the South and Northwest have been. (Because these are the ones primarily in the prison on the East Coast).

But what horrorific things have been done to some of these youth…life in prison for robbing a 7–11? And to move them so far away from their tribes and reservations and families.

This is diabolical. So yeah. Umair is right. You want to frost THAT shit cake and eat, go ahead Mr. Cherokee…but I’m questioning your blood. Are you pure blood native…Or more like a quarter blood?

Cause I know that’s a thing with the Indians and the Casinos…people with very little indigenous ancestry, cashing in on the Casino gravy train. With so much money on line, so many white folks suddenly got all this Indian in them.

So disgusting.

The theft that has occurred with these people. My GOD. I’ve heard the stories…straight from the source.

Anyone who can positively spin that? Well I tell you what…They’re not at the pow wow I attend. Probably don’t even know what a peace pipe is. Probably an apple.

Working with the Light!

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