Yeah I follow you on why the left won’t pick up the story. The left leaning mainstreams are not picking up, and that’s definitely suspect, but it doesn’t follow that everything with Russia is a fabrication. (Although some of it does seem to be…and Im like really? Seriously? Come on! And then that makes me question the rest of it.)

It’s freaking insane. The thing is, it is not outside the realm of possibilities that the left would completely make up the Russia story. I just don’t think they did. They are sensationalizing the hell out of though. Trump is not helping! With all his tweeting.

Honestly, I think that both Dems and Pubs are being played by all the media right now. Trump is a wild card, live wire who makes everything so much more confusing. He is just being who he is.

So, the left mainstream won’t run the Seth Rich story because that will detract from Russiagate, sure. Also, don’t forget They don’t want to run a story that damages Hillary Clinton either. (The image they built of her, anyway)

Still, It doesn’t follow that everything going on between Donald Trump and Russia is made up. There is some weirdness there, and who knows what it’s about. I don’t pretend to know.

Here is what I do know, they have built a framework that will keep this story alive for months, maybe even years. It’s going to be used probably to control Trump and keep partisan politics in play. But that doesn’t mean the information they are playing with is invalid. Trump has got plenty of incentives to make deals with Russia that are not in the best interest of the US. He can live anywhere in the world, what real incentive is there for him to look out for or invest in this country? None, really. Sentimentality? You are kidding yourself. The man goes through wives like toilet paper. Clearly, he can do the same with a country.

To believe there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on with Donald Trump and Russia is just the same as believing there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on with Seth Rich’s murder. But clearly there is. Something’s not right with both Clinton and Trump and everything surrounding the both of them. That’s pretty much always been the case.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!