Yeah, I get that. But when you think about it in these terms (like I am at fault for a, b, c, d) that’s really beside the point.

If you have survived childhood trauma, clearly it’s not your fault. You are a survivor. But also in childhood we set up these negative scripts, based on the traumas, that are nearly impossible to escape. Like you trust no one. That’s been my script for forever. I now trust a few people, so see I have moved a bit. But trusting no one has not served me well. Is it the kind of emotional that would attract an illness, (being relentlessly distrustful? Sure. It didn’t attract mine though. Anger is what has caused me setback, after setback, including illnesses.

This thing, LoA is really not something that you can watch a movie, like The Secret, and just start doing it. The only reason I have been able to grasp these concepts at all, is because I have done a lot of spiritual work. Which is different than religion and doesn’t require a belief in God in any traditional sense, but my understanding of spirituality allowed me to make more sense of LoA that is peddled to the masses.

It doesn’t always work for me! But I do have an understanding of how what I think and feel prevents it from working. We are all creating our life experiences mainly unconsciously, because no one really teaches this stuff, so that we would even know how to create it consciously, but the teaching would have had to begun at an early age for any of it to take. Without a deeper spiritual understanding, you are kind of playing with fire, playing with LoA.

The best way for me to explain how and why it doesn’t work, is that from birth to age 7 all of us are taught the opposite constantly. And those years are critical! We are subjected to a buffet of “no you can’t because…” it’s simply the human condition. So you being human, you run all those scripts, all your life. Ma said I can’t or I could…this then determines what you do or don’t attract. When you try to use words to explain it they fail, and people get hung up on, “I don’t want this to be my fault.” Well, from a spiritual perspective, there is no fault, just lessons to learn. So it’s kind of like you have to learn how terrible things can be, so you can appreciate the opposite. So you can learn compassion, for example.

We have been given a very limited western view of life, that brainwashes us into believing, getting what you want is about working a set of contrived systems — college, career etc. it’s not true. We also are told this lie that people deserve what they get-that is total BS as well. The truth is we have a powerful machine (our mind) that we have never been trained on how to properly work. And because what we do with our minds is largely invisible, it’s not as if anyone could tell us, hey you are doing it wrong. This is why gurus don’t help.

But just think if someone gave you a bike, and said this will take you places! But they never demonstrated how to use it. You had never seen anyone ride a bike. You might figure it out on your own, but you probably would not. That’s how LoA is. We rarely see it effectively demonstrated.

A question I have though, is how (and why) did people become so deeply disconnected from the true purpose of their minds? (Which is to create.)


Working with the Light!

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