Yeah, I have known several people to do this as well. I don’t think this is nearly as unique as you think it is. Everyone in America is not rich, despite what you see in TV, and a hood in America lacks quite a few of the luxuries that you assume all Americans have.

Have you ever heard of tent cities? They are popping up all over America. People who have lost their homes, and have no way to replace them, move into tent cities. Homeless shelters provide them with tents and they move into an area where everyone else has pitched a tent and sooner or later you have a tent city.

You do realize that most of the world population lives on less than a dollar a day, right? Capitalism is not running the world, but it is running capitalist societies.

As far me, I have lived off the grid. I have Boy Scout skills, as my father was a Boy Scout, and he taught me, how to live off the land. But you’re right. It’s a lot of hard work. I don’t particularly care for it, and life is really hard, when you’re in the desert with no water and not enough fuel to get out. But I’ve survived that and so I know I can figure it out if I need to.

And…I do believe it is going to come to that here in America…we are already seeing it.


Working with the Light!

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