Yeah I have seen the FBI stats making the rounds, and yet I also know that stats are easily manipulated and mean nothing, sources count for something and clearly the FBI is not, I repeat not a reliable source anymore than the mainstream media is. Everyone has got an agenda, and right now these are “stats” too vague to have any meaning. So in a country of 33o million people, 13 percent of the population is accountable for 50% of all solved murders -which says nothing of those that were unsolved. or those not even reported. Or what about murders that occur through corporate negligence like I don’t know the coal mine in West Virginia that poured industrial coal waste into the river polluting the drinking water or the lead in Flint Michigans drinking water that poisoned hundreds of thousands of black people? Is the FBI reporting on those crimes? Of course not.

Then too it’s a well known fact that murder is a crime that is almost always race on race. So blacks murder blacks, whites murder whites, Asians murder Asians — unless it is a hate crime — and who set the precedent in America for hate crime- the KKK and please don’t tell me that the KKK is full of black criminals- most murder is race on race.

Who is to blame for white collar crime? What about Enron? What about the Savings and loans scandal of the 90s? What about housing crash of 2008 that has the economy still scrambling for cover? Where are the FBI stats on those crimes?

What about the heroine epidemic affecting whites predominantly? What about the corporation in Florida that poured tons of OxyContin into the marketplace, causing an unprecedented epidemic of narcotic addiction and overdose (of whites) and is now saying “my bad! Here’s 35 million to make it all better..the least we can do since we made 500 million.”

My point is don’t recite “crime stats” to me from an institution that is beyond hypocritical. From an institution that has built its brand upon the criminalization of blacks for exercising certain civil rights, like owning a gun for example. There is endless crime in America. Are you kidding me? But the only crimes that get recorded by the FBI are the ones by blacks, yeah right. It’s also a matter of who gets prosecuted for what crimes. A reporter who follows human trafficking and child pornographers, here on Medium, no less, reported that legions of white men (who all incidentally look like Steve Bannon) only received minor hand slaps for having sex with seven year olds, and I betcha FBI isn’t accurately reporting that either.


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