Yeah I totally get it. I was raised Christian too and the hypocrisy in the Church is astounding! To this day, no telling whether the Christian Church has done more harm than good or Vice Versa… I walked out on organized Christianity a long time ago, cause I just could stomach the hypocrisy.

But I am spiritual…which is to say I believe in something like a God, or a higher power, or a higher meaning for my life. I write all about it in my book…I have had what I believe are spiritual experiences- or at the very least experienced which defy any logical explanation. That thing with the car is just one example.

You say engine stalling…ha, ha! You aetheist want to use logic to explain everything!!!!

Sometimes, it’s just not logical. Sometimes there just is no logical explanation as we understand it.

But yeah, organized religion is a total con and hustle! A pimp/hoe system if ever there was one…and they pimp little kids the worst. It’s disgraceful.

So your experiences with Christianity do not surprise me in the least. Sad to say…I wish you’d had better experiences with it, but at least now you’re freed up to pursue spirituality if you want to — it’s totally different from organized religion, cause it’s just all about you!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!