Yeah. I will own it. None of them denied it either. While none of these people have identified themselves as Klan or Nazi sympathizers, what I can tell you is that those individuals are overzealous at explaining why state sanctioned murder of black people by police is totally justifiable. To me that puts you in Nazi, Klan territory. In fact this is what Nazis and Klansmen have historically done. They used state sanctioned authority to kill people.

I could be wrong. They are welcome to explain to me that this is not the case, but with the exception of Ryder Spearmann, none of them seem all that interested.

And truly if someone where a Nazi or A KKK member, a reasonable discussion is absolutely the last thing they would be interested in having, because the position is completely unreasonable and untenable, so the silence, the lack of response to the call out? It says a lot. It shows that there is fear about really confronting the issues truthfully. So I must applaud Ryder for at least attempting to do that.

Working with the Light!

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