Yeah, it is an abuse of power when wealthy people can run afoul of the law and police look the other way. Certainly I’m not saying that the police should have shot Mike Tyson, but certainly you’re not arguing that a man under the influence of cocaine who is so high he crashes into a police car, poses no threat. Really? Why are you implying that?

I think you are implying that because you want police activity to be regarded as being on the up and up at all times. Your experiences may validate that view, (but probably not, you are probably being disingenuous and just want to distract from real issues that make you uncomfortable) My experiences are different from yours, clearly and validate both views.

Ive known police. I’ve worked with them on their alleged “diversity” and EEO training. Some are open to it. Most would classify it as a bunch of bull. Ive also known some incredibly professional and helpful police departments. In Prince William County, where I live, by and large, they are very professional. In urban Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up, they were largely the biggest bunch of unhelpful thugs and criminals, saddled up right along side the actual criminals. I am not ant-police. But I am anti- bad police, corrupt police — and there are tons of them. Their have been major historical films made about this! American Gangster? True story based on the big time gangster who flipped on all the dirty cops in New York City — but this, I’m sure, you don’t want to address, because then we’d have to really do something about it — and how would dirty cops supplement their paltry salaries? Why is it that whenever a truly good cop speaks out about how atrocious it is to see cops behaving the way they do toward people of color — on video, no less, these cops are quickly and I imagine ferociously silenced? Why indeed? Answer me that. I suspect you won’t. It’s imperative to keep that blue wall of silence and corruption up — even in the face of blatant evidence to the contrary.

Ive gone to law school where professors tell to be lawyers how easy it is to get a black man convicted of anything in a America…you really don’t even have to present a coherent argument. The racial bias in the system is not up for debate — it just is, and you don’t want to see it for whatever reason, but that’s on you.

I don’t care to get into this. I have lived all my life, listening to white people, such as yourself trying to justify the diabolical and heinous treatment of black and brown people. Enough. If I have to listen to this conversation- and it’s always the same conversation- I will vomit. Do you have any idea how many black and brown people intensely hate you for expressing these views? And I mean intensely. I should know, because all my life I had to listen to those conversations- and quite honestly- I’m really sick of all of you who think violence, fear and hatred are the answers you need to find. I’m so sick of you all who are unable to open your minds and see the truth. How stupid can people be?

Anyway. I don’t have a problem with any police, except corrupt ones. There are plenty. They compromise about 10% of the forces, unless the entire system has been corrupted, in which case, they compromise far greater percentages.

I recognize what the problem is — it’s a system that rewards the protection of wealth far above human life, and the corrupt cops that manipulate that system, to their advantage. Another film comes to mind, The Departed. Hollywood doesn’t make that stuff up, they are not that creative.

When I was a little girl, my father, a brilliant man who majored in quantum physics at Harvard, told me…if you are ever in trouble, don’t yell “help” or “rape” — yell FIRE at the top of your lungs. When I asked him why he wanted me to lie, he told me it was because police systems are designed first and foremost, to respond to the destruction of property. But, if they can help people along the way — SOME of them will. A lot of them won’t, because they are way more interested in being rewarded for protecting property.

And its just basic psychology. All these systems were designed with just that in mind…how to use basic psychology to turn everyone, everywhere into a pawn that does exactly what he or she is told to do like a good little doggy.

Almost everyone falls for it, especially in America. And especially police, because they already have an inability to think outside of linear black and white processes. They pick a truth, clearly one that suits them, and refuse to acknowledge the existence of any others

Immigrant minds that have been free from mass media brainwashing are far more heartier, however. They understand the con in this system real quick, don’t fall for the con, and start moving and shaking -for good or bad- in this grand social experiment that is America.

At any rate, the numbers. You can talk about those numbers until you are blue in the face. (Pun intended) as long as people of any color, as long as people who have a heart and believe in God and truly consider themselves to be Christians see people being horribly and corruptly brutalized by an increasingly militarized police — they will not matter. We know right from wrong and what we are seeing is not right. No amount of mansplaining will change whatsoever things are true.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!