Yeah, it’s a problem on both sides of the spectrum. All sorts of lives have been torn a part, by mob mentalities, but it’s not like this just happens to those far right nuts, like Milo and Coulter. And yes, they should be allowed to speak, but truly 90 % of what they have to say lacks value.

It is a far bigger problem when we get complaints from regular everyday people about regular things — labor disputes for example. The union preside who voiced opposition to Trump, and others like him, are subjected to mob mentality, threats of violence, etc. and that is just because they challenge a trump tweet. The right is behind this insanity.

And so, the left has indeed become more radical and violent. But this is not just done random out of the blue phenomenon. This is in reaction to the right, that first began exhibiting political violence en masse, in 2000, with the whole Bush Gore showdown. Then the tea party. Now Trump. There has been a lot of violent and destructive behavior on the right for the past 16 years. None of this right- left extremism should be surprising and from my perspective, it seems like the right started it. But it really doesn’t matter who started it.

Violence begets more violence- and here we are. The incessant blaming of one side is definitely a part of the problem, and even Congress, as corrupt and ineffectual as it is, recognizes this.

Working with the Light!

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