Yeah, it’s really impossible not to see this now. But people cling to abusive parents (cause as you have pointed out this shit is abusive!)

You’re Australian. You ever seen Muriel’s Wedding ? Remember her parents? Her dad was a typical Republican archetype and her mom, total Dem. Americans were raised by those two.

Repubs are the alcoholic, wife-beating, daughter-raping, gun-toting and wielding (seriously look at the policies they support and resist) dad. Don’t dare criticize or draw any attention to his flaws…he will beat the crap out of ya…and then rape ya later that night.

Democrats are the whoa is me, ever the victim, please don’t beat, rape, kill the kids, hon, mother. She delivers a bunch of cheap toys for Christmas, that break the very next day (Obamacare) and swears she has sacrificed everything for you. Yeah. Between those two? Who ya gonna back? It depends on your personality.

I remember, 9 months into Obama’s re-election, thinking to myself, Obamacare IS a nightmare, the National Defense Act he signed gave a green light to the full on authoritarianism we are currently living under and he absolutely smirked when he signed some trade agreement that American workers were up in arms about…he smirked…like seriously! I remember thinking…this dude right here! And…the wars…and the immigration issues…no improvement!

This? From a quasi-black dude? This is why so many white Americans absolutely lost their shit…a smirking black president…this uppity negro!

Obama was just doing what All American Presidents have done for the past 5o years, appease the ruling class. As you well know, he talked a good game, while doing all kinds of insidious shit AND he did get us those cheap ass toys for Christmas (Obamacare). Thanks Ma!

Next up, King Daddy Trump, who insists on being on the take with the ruling class. He does as instructed as long as he gets his cut. I honestly can’t tell how this is working out for Trump, but right now it looks like swimmingly. He’s probably quadrupled his net worth. He’s definitely a thorn in the side to Bezos and Gates and other multi-billionaires who think he is a bottom-feeder of a billionaire. (Casinos and Trump Towers…Tacky!!! He didn’t even invent anything!)

But, they don’t really care, because he basically delivers most of what they want. And he is the absolute epitome (and then some!) of the Publican archetype described above. He acts and speaks Publican astoundingly well! He made it cool! He over delivers. He’s riles up abusive dads everywhere, punching mouthy sons in the head, grabbing daughters by the…you know. Being as racist and sexist as he can possibly be! This is every red-blooded American male’s (read white) absolute right! They have THE RIGHT to be as abusive as they damn well please, to whomever they please, except other powerful men and their property (read wives, daughters).

And so…when you ask us, how will we spend our energy (it’s an excellent question btw) it’s like asking the kids of these dysfunctional parents, who you gonna live with after the divorce? Mom or dad? Or neither? What did Muriel do?

Choice three is really hard for most. Most pick a parent a defend them for forever. As you can see so many Americans absolutely adore their abusive daddy. Will eat the crap stains out of his underwear. It’s hard to watch…honestly.

And their mother…not as enamored…not really. Especially since all the cheap toys are broken and no replacements are coming. Mamas kids (progressives/leftists) are so frustrated by broken toys and promises they’re acting out! Out on the streets! “Stop this asshole from beating and killing me mama!”

Abusive dad gets ever more drunk and violent. All the kids on team abusive dad are imitating the learned behaviors. They’ve got guns and shields and tanks! They will kill their siblings who refuse to settle down! They have to do it! They are criminals! Rioters! Looters! Kill, kill, kill their rowdy siblings! Shoot first! Ask questions later!

Poor mama…her heart can’t take it. Now…a beloved mother figure has died.

Do they script this shit? Honestly! I feel like there is some oligarch sitting in balcony box seats, watching, who just a day before, was like, “you know what would be great right now? What would make this show the best ever? Kill RGB off, like we did Scalia under Obama! Last go round we killed off, the abusive dad, refused to let Obama replace him, and this caused a shitstorm! Let’s do it again! I need that fix! I need a bit of a stronger hit though, it’s getting harder and harder to get off on this stuff!

I know! Lets have Trump appoint a Nominee who quotes Mien Kampf get him on the bench before they can get RGB in the ground! Then we will have Trump and Mien Kampf quoter piss on her grave!!!!

Next we will send female evangelical suicide bombers to all the planned parenthood’s!!!!


I’m honestly feeling like this is the shit they pull. Honestly. I feel like they are somewhere laughing…giddy…plotting and scheming on how to get extreme emotional reactions out of people.

Thus is just too convenient. And They keep doing the same shit!

They are harvesting fear energy like a mfer. I honestly felt like the whole point of her death was to upset people and harvest a lot of energy around it…just no.

She was cool. I respect her. I applaud her. What a life! Let’s celebrate it!

You not gonna drag me into this bullshit political drama about her. I don’t give a f@ck what any of the politicians are saying right now about it.

It’s not apathy. It’s establishing healthy boundaries. It’s saying to two very sick and dysfunctional parents, keep me out of your sick sick shit.

I think the best thing that any of us can do, to avoid the psychopathic entity that is American politics, is give it as little energy as possible.

Working with the Light!

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