Yeah our healthcare is far more expensive and far worse than anyone else’s in the world, and that’s because it is profit driven in the most insane way possible. Big Pharm and Big Med are conning Big Insurance and Big insurance is conning the people, and KEEPING people sick to keep the money flowing.

All the Bigs wanna keep the ponzy scheme going, indefinitely, but the people can’t afford this physically or financially. So now the solution is cut all the poor people out of the system, and keep the ponzy scheme going for those who can pay. But with those numbers decreasing drastically, how is that gonna work? That’s a serious problem that the Pubs can not solve. They have been tasked with keeping the Bigs in business, with profit as the main objective, screw the people. But, people are getting hip to that which they are not getting. (Good healthcare) and they certainly don’t want to be forced to pay for bad healthcare; and a solution for the people would require drastic and dire changes to the Bigs systems. None of the Bigs want to change. They are making way too much money with the status quo.


Working with the Light!

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