Yeah see…I don’t play this game. You’re doing the thing, where you bend over backwards to try and tell me that something I’ve never seen before, makes sense because…

I’ve seen fire. I’ve seen what fire can do. Trust until I SEE fire melt aluminum, nothing you can say to me will cause me to say, what was shown in Paradise California reconciles with what I know about fire…how it works, how it operates. It simply DOES NOT reconcile. I will not take your word for it, I don’t care what facts you want to throw at me. When I SEE IT, then I will believe it.

And I will ask questions until I have very concrete evidence before my own eyes, that what was reported as true is actually true.

As for propaganda, the general definition is it is language used to persuade, with information that is not entirely true.

This is all mass media does, all day everyday. I don’t even watch it. It’s annoying the fuck out of me now because it has literally amped everyone up into a hysteria, over a virus that isn’t all that different from any other viruses. The stats show that. How many people have died in America from this virus? 20k. How many die in America from cancer every year 600k. Now that’s a much BIGGER number. (For those of you who love numbers). Where is the hysteria over that?

It’s nonexistent. Isn’t that interesting?

This virus is not the fucking plague. The mortality rates are not enough to touch the genpop stats and yet the current level of hysteria would have you believing 2/3rds of the population will be gone by June.

20k…even 200k is less than 1% of the current American population. And yet we have to change our entire way of life, now.

We’ve got to all do all this shit…stay home, shot down the schools, stop voting, get vaccines, buy malaria drugs and toilet paper….for less than 1% of the population.

And no one questions any of it…except more people are…and good for them.

Working with the Light!

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