Yeah the digression into that underdeveloped storyline was very poorly executed. It sends all kinds of wrong and fucked up messages, added NOTHING to the primary storyline (except gratuitous violence?!?!? Which was then juxtaposed next to and in between a sex/love scene, WTF?!?!???!? Yeah didn’t like that….)

This bit made me think that the powers that be (whoever these fuckers are) really are trying to pop off a race war…with poor blacks killing off poor whites…they’ve decided they want to get rid off all the poor Americans cause they are tired of supporting them, with any tax dollars: no more food stamps, no more Section 8, no more Social Security, no more Medicaid/Medicare, no more public schools…seriously look around, look at how the “safety net” has been fucked in America. Now they just want to kill off all the people who rely on it. Black and white…what a great plan…have them kill each other off… “rumors of war”was installed today in front of the VMFA…coincidence? I think not…I think all this shit is being planned…

Working with the Light!

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