Yeah Umair loves to America bash. Can you blame him? Few westernized countries have behaved as assholically as us in the 21st century. Since it’s a relatively new century, I’m going to say none have.

A comparable world asshole? Maybe Germany under Hitler in the 20th century…maybe…but Germany was at least pissy because they were being f@cked with. America got no reason to be so stank and pissy acting…none.

But to your point, there are plenty of assholes in all the countries, just as predatory as anyone in America. It’s my understanding that Saudi Arabia is and basically always has been run by a family of unchecked Trumps — nothing but a bunch of stupid, thoughtless, rich, entitled, let-them-eat-cake, ha-ha all the people in the country are starving and eating sand, assholes.

Maybe Umair could write about that? Nah. America bashing is his hustle. I think he’s going to stick with that …it works for him.

Working with the Light!

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