Yeah we all need to be on this. The oil con is a huge Ponzi scheme being played on Americans and the world. It’s not just about the water (though that is critical). It is also about the oil bubble, that will burst like the housing bubble. The oil tycoons (of which Trump wants to be one of) are trying to con everyone in investing in oil so they can cash in on an oil bubble before it burst. Once it bursts, the global economy will be destroyed — everyone in the world will suffer, but they won’t care, cause they will be rich, having cashed in on the bubble. So there actually is way more than native land and water at stake.

This is about making Trump a real multi billionaire, by letting him run an oil con, just like he ran his Trump university con. Who is going to be left holding the bag? Everyone in the world, these markets are global and effect everyone, but especially Americans who have so much of our retirement funds, and investments tied into those markets. Let this con run and say goodbye to any future financial stability.

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