Yeah well join the club. Every time I hear someone say “What are these women marching for?” That’s how I feel. They are clearly marching for many ways things, you listed quite a few here, and yet you simply dismiss all of them as if millions of women are insane, and yet you say, you have no problem with women…except this one thing, you are fine with dismissing the protests of millions of them. Why millions of women are marching is just not that complicated. Generally, I don’t care about the marching…marching in itself means very little, but what I do find incredibly disturbing is all of this “what are they marching for?” banter. It is as if people are determined to construct fantasies and live there. People are marching because they are deeply, deeply unhappy about many things…all of them quite valid. Because they don’t feel safe, because they feel under attack, because they are being shot down in the streets like dogs…(oh but that’s just black or brown women so that doesn’t matter much does it? No need to protest that), because they cannot afford to eat, because they live in cities so violent they have buried two or thee kids, because there is a tremendous amount of horrendous crap going down and the country has elected a president who will make it all that much worse, that is why. It is not complicated. It just is not.

You may not agree with all or any of these fears, but to sit up and act like there is no basis for them, after everything that has happened over the last year, is simply to reside in some sort of fantasy of your own making. To clearly deny and invalidate the beliefs and feelings of millions of people, who you might call neighbors and friends. Who does that?

“Hey black neighbor, Pam, I realize your son got shot in the head at a routine traffic stop by an overzealous law and order cop, and died, but what are you so upset about, huh? Golly gee that’s nothing to get your panties all up in a bunch, for!”

“Hey, Becky sue white girl, yeah you got brutally raped behind a dumpster and the judge laughed your rapist out of court, and said, ‘hey fella, everyone gets a little rapey now and again! We all do it! Don’t sweat it! Doesn’t get prosecuted…except maybe if you’re black or brown…and then only maybe.’ Are you still upset about that?”

I hope you don’t think like that…but all this “Golly wow, what is all this protesting about?” Is beyond idiotic and makes me think that you do. Terrible things have been happening to women. Ignoring it does what exactly? Being blissfully ignorant or oblivious to it is its own kind of sickness.

These women are people, with valid concerns that they have voiced clearly. This whole, “What? What are they complaining about?” is deeply insulting, not only to them, but to anyone who can think intelligently and clearly. I am insulted by this sort of commentary. I find it as ridiculous as “what are the Syrian refugees complaining about it?” Umm, I don’t know…the fact that bombs are raining on them and they are constantly dying.

If you are someone who can’t recognize that such inhuman treatment of people is a problem, then something is deeply defective in your thought process. And likewise, if you cannot draw parallels and recognize the inhuman treatment that many women are experiencing in our current culture, your thought process is flawed.

You don’t have to agree with why the women are marching, you don’t have to agree with politics that you feel are too liberal or too conservative or whatever. But you should be able to acknowledge that they feel strongly enough to march about something, and not seek to invalidate that expression with your own brand of nonsense and idiodicy.

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