Yeah you are right about all of this, but I am not really trying to debate with you. As I said before I am studying your propaganda, and how you manipulate information, sound bites, images etc to soft-pedal racism and sexism. And I would also like to know why you do it. I suspect that you don’t even know. But as I said in my inflammatory post designed to get a response from you — I would never presume to have any real idea about anything going on inside a Russian classroom between a Russian and another Eastern European, simply because I don’t live in Russia, and I know that I do not have enough information to weigh-in on the issue. But you, from Russia and in Ireland have all the knowledge and authority to tell us Americans and African-Americans all about the problems within in schools and with our children. You are such a tremendous and knowledgeable authority about all things in the world, aren’t you? Why don’t you come over here and fix all of our problems? After you are done dismantling the IRA of course.


Working with the Light!

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