Yeah, you got your finger on the pulse of this for sure. Although, clearly this cannot be limited to “liberals” these are the concerns of most average white Americans. And yet, none so much as the blatant white supremacists, who are often the American whites who have been dealt a very raw deal and have nothing left to lose. (But some of them are just assholes, sure.)

Soooo…they act out. They take to the streets (in a small Southern college town, filled with other, more affluent whites) and cut up. Pay attention to me! And yep, they get exactly what they want, attention paid. And America continues to play the divide and conquer games, like it’s a sport in the Olympics.

The idea that all white Americans benefit economically from white privilege is a myth. There are and have always been plenty of poor and struggling whites in America. So for some white Americans, white privilege is all they have, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t have economic privilege to back it up. These whites get pissy. Especially, when the TV America dream shows us nonstop the most average and unexceptional of white Americans, living million dollar lives. It’s not the reality, but because they see it so often white Americans believe it should be, and understandably get frustrated when it is not.

And as American whites lose more and more of that economic privilege, they are really starting to freak out, badly. It’s the reason for the Charlotteville insanity. So as American whites already sense that they are losing badly (and they are, cause a multinational corporation don’t give a damn if anyone earns a living wage or had healthcare, and no, they don’t give a damn that you’re white, they still don’t wanna pay you for shit) talking about just giving money to American blacks and natives, while clearly the right thing to do, just drives most White Americans totally batty.

When you say “reparations” most white Americans hear something along the lines of “she is proposing to make my sucky life even suckier by giving all the crumb money (cause all any of us get are crumbs) to worthless n@ggers!”

And so yeah, they’re going to fight that to the death, to keep all the crumbs, cause they are only crumbs anyway, and these crumbs grow fewer and fewer each year.

Most white Americans are terrified of minority upward mobility, primarily because it changes the economic rules of engagement drastically.

But, minority economic mobility is here. People from all over the world are buying up property, property that was stolen from Americans, like there’s blood on the streets. (And metaphorically there is.)

And, all the rules of engagement are changing drastically — removal of a confederate statue in the South? It’s amazing that these “assholes” as you call them didn’t burn the town down like Khaleesi on her dragon. (Can’t wait for the Thrones tonight, even though its just gonna be a set up episode…can Arya kill Little Finger already?)

Outside of America, I suppose it’s hard to understand that the Civil War supposedly over in the late 1800s never ended. Taking down confederate statues is spitting and kicking on losers, who have been extremely bitter about all their losses, for the past 150 years. Now mind you, I am not making excuses for these folk, clearly I think the South needed to let go of the whole slavery thing, because I’m black in America.

But I’m telling you, they never really did, and were super pissy that they had to construct so many backdoor passageways to the institution of slavery to keep it viable, after the Civil War made it illegal.

And…they’re not wrong you know. I mean to this day, white Southerners are super pissed about how the North destroyed the economic foundation of their way of life.

Why do I say they’re not wrong? Because really the North was no different. It wasn’t as if the North didn’t have slavery. Oh it did, it was just not race-based or plantation based. So Southern ers felt the North had no right to judge Southern slavery and certainly no right to declare a war over it — it was a war that destroyed many white lives, families and plantations. The South never wanted to concede defeat, and never once believed that it was in the wrong. And, if you are judging the South in comparison to the North, it really wasn’t wrong. Both were all about slavery, the North just wanted it to take a different form and not be race-based.

In fact for the last 15o years, the South insists that it was horribly wronged in the Civil War. And in order for the South to maintain that they were right, they have to argue that slavery was just fine; and in order to make that argument, you have to fail to acknowledge the humanity of black people; and this is something white supremacists elevate to an art form of astounding and unapologetic ignorance.

And so…tearing down confederate statues is ripping scabs off of never healed Southern wounds and suggesting that blacks get any sort of reparations is the pouring of acid into them. I don’t agree with this perspective. I think it is extraordinarily and sickeningly racist, but I know this mindset well. I know that you would never change it, or get anywhere with it. This is bear 🐻 poking. It’s a fun sport, if you like watching racist whites lose their everloving mind.

I live in the South, after all. Suggesting reparations of any kind, is to poke a big, huge, viciously racist bear. But I get it.

I think illuminati wants another American civil war. It will solve a lot if problems, like how to get rid of all of these pesky entitled Americans, of all races, but especially the white ones. Illuminati tires of all these requests for decent and nice things, coming primarily from white Americans who have grown accustomed to having them. They’ve got to go, especially since they feel the most entitled.

Every American is under attack right now, by forces we don’t see or understand. And they are definitely (and unapologetically) pitting us against one another. That’s what Charlotteville was all about, so yes of course it got tons of coverage.

Illuminati really needs a new civil war to pop off. That sort of coverage stokes the flames…Black Lives Matter activists got hip to getting targeted and killed on the streets, so they’ve gone underground. What to do? Oh, stir up the white supremacists…get them out on the streets, we will have our civil war yet!

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