Yeah…you say that. But you and I both know that is not true. Islamic culture hasn’t produced anything of value for 800 years…women are the cause of all relationship conflicts…you throw in these gems among long diatribes about history and Marxism which you link to “progressivism”which you quite ignorantly assume is in American thing.

Ive got news for ya, America is about as capitalistic a country as they come and this is evidenced by the fact that far more Americans are more deeply interested in Kim Kardashian’s booty, than they will ever be in either capitalist or Marxist theory, intersectionality or white privilege. And why is that? Cause her butt is one helluva a moneymaker.

So…feel free to share all that Marxist crap to those who would begin to care about it…all of five people in the continental USA 🇺🇸.

For the most part, Marxism means nothing to the typical American, and yet you consistently use this to deflect from points millenials are trying to raise about the way they are experiencing their America, in terms of rights and privileges. Why? This is absurd.

You are full of parodoxes and conundrums, but that is the point, right? To confuse people with nonsensical rhetoric. To hide behind intellectual concepts that have controversial labels, but are largely misunderstood anyway. Capitalism, socialism and communism…most people have no idea what the hell any of these economic theories are, much less how they influence their own lives and political systems.

I know that they are all about wealth distribution. What in the hell does wealth distribution have to do with intersectionality? And how in the hell does anyone find the term intersectionality, offensive in and of itself? Intersectionality, as I understand it, is that one personal characteristic happens to intersect with another. Race intersects with gender, religion with culture, etc and so on and so forth. This is Marxism? Right.

Intersectionality is a way for people to describe their experiences accurately “being this and that means society responds to me like this.” People can’t speak to their identities anymore? Well that honestly sounds more like Marxism to me. Doesn’t Marxism insist that people identify with a particular class, and nothing more and revolt based on that singular identity? The proletariat, the masses rise up!

Yeah, right. That sort of thinking is so utterly foreign to the typical American mind, which is, largely obsessed with the size of Kim Kardashians butt, as it is quite the money-maker.

Americans worship at the alter of capitalism far more so than anything else: more so than Christianity, more so than democracy, more so than equality or liberty and justice for all or the National Anthem, so this attempt to constantly shove Marxist ideology down the throats of anyone who dares to disagree with you, seems beyond absurd. It is truly just nonsense.

But, back to wealth distribution. A small, a very small, percentage of Americans clearly understand that a very small percentage of people controls most of the worlds wealth, and they play games, with people, with religions, with nations, etc. Is this the “Marxism” you are accusing Americans believing in?

That is not Marxism, that is just true. If you can see this much bigger picture, than you won’t want to be a pawn in the divide and conquer politics, simply because you realize how stupid they are.

I am not going to be conned into playing someone else’s game, fighting someone else’s fight and I am going to call out divide and conquer politics when I see them. Labeling people and ideas is a big part of divide and conquer politics, as are strict heirarchies that limit individuality. No one has yet to come up with any type of wealth distribution system that doesn’t play these types of games, and doesn’t require vast use of military force, so capitalism, socialism and communism are all largely different versions of the same sort of thing. Truly innovative minds are looking for something entirely different.


Working with the Light!

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