Yeah…you won’t see this. The free speech that they want to to defend, is as you pointed out Exclusively THEIR free speech to say fucked up things (that may actually cause harm-which is when the speech becomes questionable under the first Amendment.)

I am fascinated by how manipulative language has become; and while this is happening in both extremes of the political spectrum; the right wingers always seem to find ways to justify abominable words and deeds, where the left wants to use words to co-sign anything…and I do mean anything! Because real talk, I don’t know what JK Rolling said about trans people, but I do know that there are real biological differences between someone who is transgender and someone who is cisgender. Acting like those differences don’t exist, does no one any favors, in fact I’m sure it’s harmful in a multitude of ways. Whenever you refuse to acknowledge the truth, that is very harmful. But when the truth is off-message, there are those on the far left who get extremely pissy and shoot the messenger. It’s not wise for a number of reasons, but it’s not as aggressively disturbing as what the right does.

The right wants to BE the messenger ALWAYS, and the message is they have the right to exploit everyone outside of them. But they know they can’t just say that, and so they play games with language like this:

“All Lives Matter!”

And here is the translation of that:

“Black Lives Don’t Matter! And I am so angry at you for saying that they do! I want to have the right to kill black people whenever it suits me! But I know I can’t say that, so I will say “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter!” But I will never say Black Lives Matter!”

Repubs want to kill people of color. Real talk. It’s true. But that’s not the only fucked uo thing they want to do. Let’s talk about the multitude of ways the Repubs co-sign rape. They are the most rapey, creepy, unapologetically predatory grabbing by the pussy, pedos in politics. The crepo Steve King said almost everyone is a product of rape and incest…unapologetically. Everyone was disgusted by the remarks of what appears to be a subhuman thing…because most humans have sense enough not to celebrate rape and incest.

But since they know that “Rape is great!” Is not going to fly, the REpubs do these kinds of rhetorical twists:

“It is not rape! It is forcing penises into places they need to be! And how dare those leftist suggest this isn’t the will of God! How dare they censor us! How dare they shame and cancel us! Or call us rapists!”

This is how they talk. It’s nonsensically revolting. I think, (but I’m not sure,) I’d appreciate it more if they’d just stop with all the linguistical games and say things like:

“We are pro rape. Yes we believe almost all women should be forced to have sex without consent, because we are sick, selfish and violent men and that’s what we want.”

The honesty in language would be refreshing, but then it would be naseating. So I don’t know.

They are who they are and we know who they are. They are not hiding anything, except from themselves. This is the danger of the sugar coating as I see it…I see them as fucking monsters, regardless of the deceptive language they use…but everyone can’t see through the rhetorical twists. The rhetoric allows monsters to hide in plain sight…and be as racist, rapey and creepy as ever, while claiming not to be.

And this is the way to a Nazi state.

Working with the Light!

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