Yep…and I totally get it, now. A psychologist broke it down for me. Trump is a narcissist. Textbook narcissist. How anyone could be ga-ga over a narcissist is beyond me…they just do not appeal to my personality type. Kicking it with a narcissist is kind of like, signing up, to be raped, in the rear, no vasoline. And you know people do get off on that sort of thing- but it’s not for me.

And I know this, because I personally know some narcissists. And so here’s what I know about them…for some reason narcissists are able (I swear they must study this) to have some Svengali type power over large groups of people. They are bullies and mean girls and cult leaders. They say “jump!” -followers ask, “how high?” They say “kneel!” followers say “how long?” They say “crawl!” Followers ask, “through the mud?” But they do it.

WTF? Emotions.

They tap into emotional weaknesses held by their prey. But even so…as I watch a huge part of the nation, jumping and kneeling and crawling for Trump, I ask myself, “what the hell sort of emotion is he appealing to?” Well fear. That one is obvious, but there has to be more to it than that. Dick Cheney, Steve Bannon, they scare the hell out of folks (especially the white ones), but they don’t have that kind of pull that Trump has…so, what is it?

The shrink figured it out (shrinks are so friggin smart!) Trump is also appealing to love! These people want the love and approval of a narcissist. Fear and Love, that is one hell of a Molotov Cocktail!!!!

What makes anybody seek out this destructive force? Habit…Cause there are just so many friggin narcissists! Everyone is encountering one amongst their friends and family. The pattern is familiar, pay homage to a narcissist, because you have been trained already to do it and in that training you yourself became slightly to wildly narcissistic. (It’s a scale and it’s contagious.)

But I mean who doesn’t want to be a narcissist! At least for a day. And so many, in casting those Trump votes, unleashed that suppressed narcissist!


It is very deeply, extraordinarily selfish and self-centered to say, “Yo, Im about to throw this Molotov Cocktail in your house!” When there are people in the house, screaming, “Don’t burn my house down! Don’t burn my house down!” But hey, you wanted a fire. Got it. Happy?

Probably not. But hey, burned that f@cker down! And, sure, some people are dead. But you don’t mind a bit, cause Trump is endlessly awesome, just like your mom…or dad, or that quarterback Ricky, who everyone just loved, lest they lose two front teeth.

And…I know I should let this go…why am I so petty?

Clarke was screaming.

Okay, okay, let me stop being so petty. One can make the argument- and certainly you did, that he wasn’t screaming. And it was a good argument! I should have been convinced. I wasn’t.

WTF? Emotions.

I don’t like that man. It’s not rational. And there is probably nothing that you could ever say, that would allow me to view his angry RNC convention rant, as anything other than the speech of a madman. Just as there is nothing I could ever say to convince you that Trump is an extraordinarily, self-absorbed narcissists who has conned millions and will get away with it.

We both have our biases…and will not be moved.

I do appreciate the effort though…A for.

Working with the Light!