Yep…mainly…when dealing with each other…check your history…check how the British whipped that Scottish and Irish ass for 2000 years…and they still mad, about it…and rightly so.

There is no great “white” monolith. That’s an American mythology, created by the ruling class to control white and black American masses.

And…they fought about it…the rulers…that is. They weren’t sure they wanted to play it that way, but ultimately went with it.

You see America is the land of second sons.” British nobility that could not catch a break by birthright, OR those with money, but no nobility. Thus they wanted to be “fair” and not cut people out the game just because they weren’t nobles…but they really weren’t sure about including EVERYONE, not even, especially not poor Europeans.

But ya know, I can tell you’re a light weight…with your knowledge of history and critical thinking, Goddess, you don’t want none of this really…I’ll break your brain!

Dropping some knowledge that will really cause you to think deeply and reevaluate…you don’t want to do that yet. You’re not ready. But soon, I think. I think soon.

Working with the Light!

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