Yep that’s why. I don’t blame you, HBO is ridiculously expensive. I wouldn’t have it if not for my husband who has to have it. Premium TV is a life requirement for him, I just rode the coattails and came to love HBO.

It’s just the best TV ever, which might not being saying much since 90% of TV is just pure, sheer, sickness and idiocy. People have told me the Disney Channel subtly endorses pedophelia…if the examples I was given are true…well, I am glad my kids preferred Nickolodian, which also probably subtly endorsed pedophelia…now that I think about it.

Anyway, you’d love HBO. It’s TV for people who can read. They actually taught a polisci course at Harvard on The Wire. That’s how good it was. Man. It’s a crash course on contemporary urban corruption, which is now American corruption. The same corrupt systems are operating everywhere. Rural America was both harder and easier to corrupt, than its urban counterpart.

I brought up The Wire, because as I marathon it, I realize how few women are on it, and at least half that are, are lesbian characters.

Which makes me wonder do women truly have that little influence in the public sphere? The Wire is a story of the fall of the American city, any American city really, and the players involved from the bottom, (corner boys) to the top ( Drug Czar billionaires) and all the players in between.

Ninety percent of the players are men, and the female characters that are on the show are minor characters. A lawyer, a cop, a drug dealers sister, a really bad mother….

It changes the way I see gender relations somewhat. Men often say it’s their world. I’ve never really seen it that way, until The Wire…and if that’s the world men created, it’s really, really, really fucked up! I wouldn’t want to claim it. I would be ashamed; and maybe men are.

Maybe that’s what all this feminism backlash is all about, men not wanting to be called out by women (and as you point out other men) on how deeply fucked up the state of the world is with men at the helm.

It’s just a thought. I’m sure you don’t agree though.

On this topic we will never agree. Of this I’m certain. You have said here, so many male things, that are deeply offensive, and you don’t even realize it. Kinda along the lines of white people saying to me, and other blacks like me, “You’re so articulate!”

Because I guess they were expecting me to screech like a monkey or bark like a dog? Or, rather more to the point, they are expecting me to speak in my African-American dialect, which to their ears, is inarticulate. But it’s not. It’s simply a dialect of English, no more or less, than any dialect of English or what passes off as the standard in America. At any rate, they think that’s such a compliment, to tell me I am articulate.

It’s not.

Because there are so many subtle racist undertones and implications in such a statement. But they don’t even realize it.

The same goes for you. There are so many subtle sexist undertones and implications in so many of your above statements; and I am sure you don’t even realize it and would only get super defensive if I pointed them out.

Which means, (and it pains me to do to do this to you, because you have a really interesting and somewhat reasonable mind that I truly enjoy) on this particular topic, I am going to write you off.

I have triaged you into the cannot be saved catagory. You are deeply sexist and trying to debate gender issues with you, is a waste of time and resources. You will not be moved. That’s okay. In your next life, you’re coming back as a woman really named Estwald. I bet that’s going to move you.

I think in all of time, we all have to be everything, if that makes any sense.

I Love that I now know where you got that name. I actually love how unusual it is. It’s a name, but not a name that anyone on this planet has used commonly. Not to my knowledge anyway.

I love sci-fi names!

Isaac Asimov is just too much for me though…that parallel universe joint was some really, crazy super hardcore sci-fi.

Working with the Light!

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