Yep. You’re right about this, and your outrage is justified, albeit hypocritical. Because the kids being sexually trafficked ARE the ones being put in cages exactly for that purpose…so how can you be outraged over something you also condone and applaud? Unless, it’s your position that only white kids shouldn’t be sold and raped, and all others are fair game. (And if you’re QAnon affiliated that’s pretty much the party line.)

So that’s why this guy disbelieves and out right attacks the likes of you. As for me, can appreciate the protection of any and all kids, and I like the energy QAnon brings around that…BUT, you gotta realize how psychotic it seems, when y’all wanna protect one group of kids (white ones) but sell and kill off another (brown ones at the border, any black ones).

That doesn’t seem crazy to you? Like seriously? What’s going on inside your mind that this makes sense? Think it through…say it out loud…or no…you don’t want to…because when you do THAT, you see that YOU are the monster that you are railing against.

Yeah…that’s painful.

Working with the Light!

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