Yes. Because even though you’ve taken some really hard knocks in life (almost everyone has) you STILL receive the benefit of white privilege, and not only that white MALE privilege…which is generally off the hook. But granted, you’ve had some experiences that make it less so poverty is the great equalizer. Plus you’re not American…which kinda changes the white thing. TRUST. I’m well aware that the Whites whites who came to America (usually from England, Scotland and Ireland) were all particularly adept at terrorizing and oppressing the African slaves because the British had been terrorizing the Scottish, the Irish and the unlucky among their own for a good 1000 years at least.

I definitely realize that there is a tremendous amount of diversity among white Americans and certainly over in Europe (where they actually break down into their little clicks and countries.) Yet and still, due to colonialism and imperialism white men have convinced themselves (and many others to) that they are better than everyone and generally entitled to rule over and control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, who is not a white man. And yes, I maintain that this holds true in the collective white male consciousness in the planet; and it affects you, yes even disenfranchised you.

Working with the Light!

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