Yes, but I think it could be that we have been using our emotions incorrectly, all this time. “Emotions tend to escape control.” But what if they didn’t? What if we had a much better understanding of our emotions and how to control them?

Fear, is a base, primal, gut-level emotion that is applied to far too many circumstances that it shouldn’t be. Fear tells you to run when a bear is chasing you, that’s arguably appropriate. Fear should not tell you to do anything when an individual comes across a black screen in digital form frothing at the mouth about invisible distant threats; and that’s just one example of the many false fears that are evoked, stoked and manipulated for nefarious purposes.

Humanity has become addicted to fear, which is probably one of the most useless emotions in this modern day, because a lot of people, millions actually, are quite safe; and even if you’re not, the kinds of modern threats that we face: fear and anxiety do nothing to really help with them.

Maybe love is a better emotion to deal with modern threats. Joy? Contentment? Courage (is that a characteristic or an emotion?)

If we had a much deeper understanding of emotions and how they impact the world around us, like for example if you knew for a fact, every time you got angry it caused someone to die and shortened your own life, would you take care not to get angry? Would you at least try? So much of what emotions are and how they really impact the world are totally unexamined. But they should be.

Emotional intelligence, it has been recently discovered is far more predictive of career success than intellectual intelligence. Why is that? Because emotionally intelligent people are really good at knowing and understanding themselves or good at knowing and understanding others, or both.

And if you know people, well that’s the water we all must swim in to accomplish any extraordinary endeavor. Ultimately it’s all people. And people are driven by emotions first, sooooo we gotta get a grip on these emotions!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!