Yes. But it’s not quite that simple. There are in fact rape laws on the books. They are, and have been enforced on numerous occasions and often, quite unfairly.

Why and when? Well in America, usually when it’s a black or brown man accused of rape, and especially if the accused rape is of a white woman.

And so these laws HAVE in fact, and quite often in American history, been used as a tool of oppression against men, and ultimately people of color. The unwritten rule that no one wants to acknowledge is that these laws WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE used against the Bret Kavanaughs of America. Never that, never that. It is wholly appropriate, in America, for a man like Brett Kavanaugh to rape as he pleases, within reason.

I mean, he can’t be to obvious about it. He can’t run around the streets hitting women over the head and dragging them in corners. But he CAN get drunk at a frat party or just any party really, take some liberties with any unfortunate young woman, too naive to not get a little drunk too, and do his thing. Without any consequences whatsoever.

Don’t ask me about my experiences with the “Take Back the Night” March at Northwestern University. Just don’t ask, cause if you did, I’d tell you, it was hell on earth, or as close as I’ve ever come to it…

And yet, Northwestern consistently, turned a blind-eye to all of that-consistently.

That is an unwritten rule in America, and anyone who has been a member of any of these “elite” academic institutions, and is the least bit observant knows that this is a very well known unwritten rule. You are kidding yourself if you pretend that you don’t know it. You are lying deeply to yourself, no matter your gender or which side of this issue that you take.

This is the unwritten rule: Men of wealth and privilege and power may rape as they like, and their will be no consequences- and goddamn you (whoever you are) who insists that there be some. You are, de facto, interfering with a deeply embedded unwritten rule that permits a certain social structure to exist and in fact flourish, and the powers that be ain’t giving that up! Not without one helluva a fight! And that’s what the Kavanaugh hearings were all about.

The term rape is clearly for this sort of man (Mike Tyson)


That sort of man. (Brett Kavanaugh)

And when you confuse the two, you are threatening a social structure that men understand very well, and has been in place FOR CENTURIES.

No man who finds himself in the position of being at an elite school, is subject to the laws of rape, are you kidding me? Certainly, you are kidding me.

Saturday night live, (mocking the Democrats) said it best:

“We thought Dr. Ford would be believed because she’s white…but turned out he was white too, and we didn’t account for that.”

The rape laws, are note about women at all — BUT MEN. They are all about men and how they relate to each other. The law is for lower caste men, who step out of place and dare to covet a higher status man’s property. The law is for men who dare to touch something not their own. As for the property itself, she has no rights! Are you kidding me? Property doesn’t have rights! If the man himself, were to say to another man, take my property and do as you like with it — that would be fine. Rape laws are about possession of property.

So anyway…that’s the truth about our laws on rape. These legal systems were not designed to “believe survivors.” Don’t be ridiculous. Nor were these systems designed to protect people, not at all. And certainly not female people. They were designed to protect property. And for most of recent human history, that’s what women have been, property to be protected — and nothing more.

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