Yes but that’s a big if. You assume that’s what has biased people against Trump. I am very well versed in how almost nothing we see in the media, is depicting anything as it truly is. But that doesn’t cause my personal bias against Trump. Trump caused my personal bias against Trump going all the way back to the Apprentice. Abysmal behavior back then, and it’s only escalated. You cannot assume you understand what is feeding anyone’s biases. Trump has made enough of his persona public (even when he didn’t mean too …grab them by the pussy indeed) for people to have enough objective information to form their own opinions outside of whatever slant the media takes. If you have a certain perspective, some media doesn’t help him.

But The media has lavished tons of positive attention on Trump also, their are entire media sites devoted to do nothing but praising Trump, so the media gives and the media takes, probably in equal imbalanced measure. Which is just about right, as he’s an unbalanced guy, who actually seeks to elicit extreme responses. It’s great when you are a reality TV star. Something else entirely, when you are the president.

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