Yes, but, there is nothing I could ever say that would convince you otherwise. There is nothing that you would say to me that would convince me otherwise; and more importantly, I don’t take issue with what you choose to believe, it’s sane and it’s rational from your perspective. If I had your perspective, I would probably have the same beliefs.

I have listened to a lot of pro-gun advocates, I’ve heard all the impassioned pleas about how they keep everyone safer. I’ve heard all of the perfect examples of when and how a gun was exactly what was needed to justify a horrorifically unjust crime that was about to be committed, but a gun saved the day. I know that I will never convince anyone who has experienced a crime, and used a gun to defend himself or herself, that we don’t need all these guns. Experience has clearly convinced that individual otherwise. It would be idiotic to even attempt to make any argument against such a powerful personal experience.

But everyone has their powerful personal experiences. Mine is this: I once lived in a community where guns started magically appearing everywhere (due to the influx of crack/cocaine). Guns and drugs destroyed my childhood community, and today it is virtually unrecognizable. It’s like a third world country- but really it’s just Cleveland, Ohio. Detroit is worse.

Drug dealers are targets for theft, due to the fact that they carry lots of cash and drugs. Because the drug dealer can’t appeal to law enforcement for assistance with this theft, the security has to be his own, secured via the heavy use of artillery, therefore drugs and guns must go together.)

You can’t have the drug industry without the gun industry- and yes totally unregulated, but the NRA cares not one bit. The represent the interests of gun manufacturers - and gun manufacturers make money when guns are sold - to whoever. It doesn’t matter if the citizen is law abiding or not- and I’m sure the industry prefers those who are not law abiding gun toters- far more profit with them. The illegal guns are more costly, and the drug industry requires a lot of guns.

So my experience with watching my entire community destroyed by a huge influx of drugs and guns, causes me to always and forever take a firm stance against both. Because of my personal experience, you will never, ever convince me that this country is better off, with everyone having easy access to guns. And for the record, I have no problem with responsible, law-abiding citizens having guns, for hunting, or self-defense. But the truth is, it is rare, that these are the people who actually possess the guns. All kinds of unstable and unsavory people are in possession of guns; and this has caused all kinds of problems in this country. And it certainly causes problems for law enforcement, who, in some cases, are working in what are effectively war zones, due to all of the gun violence they encounter. And a lot of them get killed responding to calls of domestic violence. It is tragic, how many women, children and law enforcement officers are killed in this manner.

My issue with the NRA is that they want to ignore and suppress this truth about all of this, while promoting irrational and insane gun violence. The NRA essentially operates as an institutional version of a psychopath. You, I’m sure, see this organization in an entirely different light — because of your experiences. We will never agree on this, never. So we must just respectfully and civilly, agree to disagree.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!