Yes, but this is the point we have evolved to now. We are not living in caves, we really have no need to be engaged in wars constantly (but that’s a whole other story) and as I mentioned, as far as I know, the male dominated culture has been in effect for the last 2000, but prior to that, it’s unclear.

There’s a book, The Time Fallen Bodies Take To Light, that suggests, during the last 100,000 years, the gender roles have fluctuated from being equal in power, to female-dominated, to male dominated. The male domination resulted in an understanding of paternity, civilization and endless wars. The female dominated period resulted in family based clans, organized around matriarchy. There is archeological evidence to suggest, prior to the rise of the first known civilization, Sumeria, which kind of appeared out of the blue — no one can really explain how the sudden jump from the family based clans to massive civilization occurred- women were actually running things.

The author of this book posits there was deep male resentment about the period of female domination, and ever since then, men have embraced their time of empowerment with a never forget sort of vengeance.

The author of the book is male. It’s not a feminist text, his perspective is it’s a more accurate assessment of human evolution. He writes a lot about human evolution- especially sexuality. He suggests that human sexuality has evolved in a flawed and defective manner — and this is the reason humans have things such as pornography.

You have to admit it’s definitely a different take on the battle of the sexes. Regardless, my point is our information about human history and evolution is extremely limited. So many unexplained mysteries-so much that simply does not add up- like the contemporary explanations for the pyramids of Giza. There is no way they were built with the primitive technology that has been theorized. But I digress.

Just because a situation has existed for the past 2000 years or even 10,000 years does not mean it has always been so. History always gets rewritten by whomever is in power. So if there was a time of female domination, as archeological escavations indicate, it would not be something documented during this time period of male domination.

Male obsession with war is largely just that; and it is so nonsensical and self-destructive that male domination of the planet is destined to end, as men will end it. Or the planet will, but we have at least a few centuries before that occurs.

I am not angry or bitter about my female experience. The assumptions you make. I definitely have thoroughly enjoyed my life and experiences because they have involved a tremendous amount of freedom. I have largely been able to do whatever I have wanted, within my family, my career. I have been extremely lucky and I am grateful. Many women, however, cannot relate to my experiences. For that matter, many men can’t either.

I don’t believe that one gender is more privileged than another. Both experiences have their joys and challenges. If anything, I’d say it’s harder to be male. War is pure hell and misery- and that has largely been a male experience. But these times are so turbulent, even that is changing. There world has become so violent l, there are ever increasing numbers of women soldiers.

But back to my semi-charmed kinda life — I have thoroughly enjoyed, my advanced degrees, my career aspirations, my control over my body with regard to procreation, my ability to vote and own property- all of that; and I know that I only have these rights that I enjoy, that has brought so much enjoyment to my life, my husband’s life and my children’s lives because of the feminist movement, because as late as 1970, most women were denied almost all of these freedoms.

Anyone who wants to argue that I am bitter or unhappy, lonely or whatever, because I am so free and/or a feminist, is just wrong. Again, misinformation.

You responded with a great deal of information, which, I’ll grant you, for the most part, is factually correct, but you seem to be implying that men some how deserve to control all the wealth and property on the planet because men go to war and build things and just generally do what men do. In doing so you, (and probably unconsciously) dismiss all female contribution to society as if it is irrelevant, not worthy of being recognized or valued and Therein lies the problem.

I am not even sure what you are attempting to convince me of, except that, I as a woman have nothing of value to offer, other than what might be of value to you, which is the production of offspring. If this is the belief system that you ascribe to — and it very well might be, it’s not an uncommon belief among a certain type of male mindset — a limited one- we really have nothing to discuss.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!