Yes exactly. I know to most Christians my idea of God is blasphemy! But what can I tell ya…I was born like that. I remember being 3 years old going to this special service at my Episcopalian church, like maybe two days after my grandma died…everyone was so sad, desperately looking for God in that church and I remember thinking to myself l, “they don’t get it…God’s not here.”

Okay, you don’t like Deepak! Or anything that comes across as pseudoscience, I GET IT!!!!

But that particular book (and I get your issues with Deepak, he’s a bit of a hustler, which is a close cousin to con) was just about how different types of people experience God. I honesty don’t think he writes all of his books, because they are all very different in style and tone and content. I think he uses ghost writers, and the primary ideas may be someone else’s. I think you should at least check it out, since you feel like you lost your faith, which can be traumatic.

I just think you’re evolving, from a level 2 spirituality to level 3. (Per the book) Many of the organized religions are losing people in droves because they are so dogmatic and corrupt. In America, so many are giving up on the Christian Church because the hypocrisy in my view, is just unsustainable, among other things.

In my twenties, I would go to church and cry, because I worked for this powerful Baptist Pastor who was doing horrible things to people. I was so angry with God, and I felt like God was particularly treacherous to allow this injustice! Why didn’t God just strike this evil man down, I wondered? I felt like I was losing my religion, and in a way I was. That was the beginning of me abandoning the Christian church. So many people tried to talk me out of walking away..and it was actually a slow break, it took me some time…pretty much life just got hectic and I gave up on going.

Then I became spiritual. Okay so what’s the difference? Religion is all about control and organization and agreeing to a set of norms within a group about what God is, and how to deal with God and yourself and your world.

Spirituality is about freedom and a sort of free style approach within yourself about God. It’s very private and personal and also PEACEFUL, which organized religion is not. Organized religion is easily corrupted, because people gain power through controlling other people and Gods are the best and easiest way to try to control people cause you can get inside their heads with it. Imagine both Christianity and Islam has convinced hundreds of thousands of not millions, that it is righteous to brutally murder in the name of God. Like really?????

My thing is how do people fall for this con? But they do, century after century…to this very day. Religious people and religions get deeply corrupted. Spirituality cannot be corrupted, because its much more of a solitary thing that doesn’t get shared. Spiritual people largely dont like organization…because the moment you try to organize the spiritual part goes right out the door. Jesus was extremely spiritual, but cmon, not that organized. He didn’t start Christianity! Paul the apostle did, and I’m not entirely sure that Paul wasn’t a con. I’m just saying! If you look at Paul’s scriptures verses Jesus’s teachings, there are some fundamental differences!

Most Christians just completely ignore this. You have a lot of spiritual Christians because Jesus was spiritual. But you also have a lot of asshole, tax collecting, sexist, racist, homophobic Christians because of Paul, and tons of weird shit in the Old testament, which never resonated with me any way. All of the Old Testament is just bath water as far as I’m concerned (with Jesus being the baby.)

So my spiritual experiences. Given your very logical and analytical take on just about everything, I’m not inclined to share, because I think that you will think they are ridiculous. You would find a way to simply explain them all a way, with things like, “your brain just wasn’t getting enough oxygen.” Or “Perhaps you were sniffing glue?”

To which I would respond, no I wasn’t! I was a regular person, just like you living a regular life, Just like you. I largely believed in only that which could be scientifically proven, just like you. I never, in a million years imagined that I would look at the world outside of myself and actually see it, turn into nothing but energy. NEVER. And when it happened to me, it scared the bejeezus out of me!

All because I came across this Book called A Course in Miracles. I started doing the lessons which, honestly when I started, the lessons made absolutely no sense to me. They were gibberish. And yet and still, really weird stuff started happening to me. The kind of stuff that people describe when they take hallucinogens. And no I wasn’t taking any!

It just happened naturally. Another thing, was the ability to be in an extremely chaotic, dangerous environment, and yet to be able to some how transcend it. Like bullets are whizzing by, but they don’t touch me. Like the Matrix! Okay no not really, because I’m speaking of metaphorical bullets…but what I’m saying is the situation is really bad. Going to the dogs, and yet, I somehow deal with it so calmly and miraculous things happen, and out of no where, people are coming to pray with you and it actually helps!

How does this happen? Initially, I had no idea! I didn’t seem to have any control over it, it would just happen to me, like a force field or something. And it didn’t happen all the time, or every time I was in that kind of situation, just random. Plenty of times, I’m screaming “God! help me!” And nothing, or at least not that experience I have described to you, which is hard to even put into words.

I call it the Fourth Dimension. I don’t know why, so don’t go off on me about the term being pseudoscientific. I guess I call if the Fourth Dimension, because it feels like a whole other world opens up, kind of like those parallel universes you describe, except in this other world, everything is peaceful.

Now, I can kind control it, which is to say, when it hits the fan, I can kind of transcend, if I’ve been meditating and staying connected, not if I haven’t. Until this sort of thing happens to you, it’s only natural to discard these kind of experiences, as coincidence, fluke, anomaly etc., until it happens to you.

It doesn’t happen that often. Like if I lived every day in the Fourth Dimension, it would be pure bliss. Because it’s like a state or experience where nothing can go wrong and the most amazing unbelievable things happen. I can count on one hand the times I’ve had these experiences. (Maybe two hands)

So, when you have these sort of unique experiences where everything is just working out splendidly and you are some how accessing these super powers, it’s very disappointing to return to this very ordinary 3D reality, where (at least for me) nothing works out as planned. That can sort of feel like losing your religion. It’s like, hey! Can I go back to that 4d world please?!?!?!? I haven’t quite figured out what the key is. How do you gain entry to and permanently reside in that world? Chopra’s book provides the best explanation I’ve come across as to why I’ve had the sort of experiences I’ve had. He breaks knowledge of God down into 7 stages. Stage 3, (and that’s the stage I think I’m at, it’s a transition from the religious to the spiritual) is the stage where you have these sorts of experiences, but they don’t last because the person is too spiritually immature to sustain the experiences. It’s like a teaser, a commercial…this is what your life will be like…when you get it.

So explaining my concept of God…like that’s a conversation way too deep for the comment section of Medium! But I’ve enjoyed this back and Fourth and I will try to locate the links you requested…just not tonight.

You are really making me justify my position, and it’s been useful, because I’ve never had my beliefs confronted with such heavy skepticism. I only share my beliefs with those who have similar beliefs, and thus they don’t get challenged. Not much that you have said so far, has caused me to question my beliefs. (I’m sure you would say the same to me.) And this isn’t likely to change. As you can see from the state of America today, people believe what they want to believe and largely will not be swayed. Until they are ready…and we all are ready eventually.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!