Yes, here in America reams and reams of them, and often times they conflict with one another. Due to enormous amounts s of corruption, in various areas of government transparency is necessary and several local and federal laws have been passed with regard to that.

I’m very well versed in several areas of law, as well as attempts to evade and enforce them for good and evil intent; and clearly voters and civic volunteers have no intent to evade or suppress any laws, whereas legions of corporate lawyers do -and furthermore require no assistance from you in this endeavor. Any ordinary American citizen concerned with process, justice and fairness has no problem with a transparent process and so, what is your issue with the pictures exactly? What harm is occurring? You never did explain how this rises to the level of a felony (which is usually something like rape or armed robbery.) How is taking pictures at a vote recount in that league? Care to explain?

As for the “snowflake” comment, which I can only assume is supposed to be derogatory in some way, you sound utterly ridiculous to me. It’s my niece’s nickname, used as a term of endearment, and that’s the only reference I have for that.

As for civilized adults…they know how to peacefully participate in political processes without threats and armies of corporate henchmen…only thugs and dictators need all of that to guarantee a role in government. Please learn to read.


Working with the Light!

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