Yes, I agree with most of your points. I do not know if she denied working for Monsanto; and you’re entirely correct, her past work for Monsanto is not relevant, anyway.

But I do believe that I know enough about Monsanto to put them in the category of primarily motivated by profit, and little else, this ultimately and always leads to a fair amount of devilment - and no I don’t think that the employees are necessarily on board with that agenda, but if you work for Big Pharm or Monsanto, you probably have to engage in a fair amount of cognitive dissonance to justify your work.

Of course these huge corporations are responsible for a fair amount of amazing, life-altering and life-saving discoveries. We have Big Pharm to thank for antibiotics, and they’re great, kind of. But even with those we are running into some problems of late. So in the bigger scheme of things, there must be balance, and when profit is sought to the exclusion of everything else, that balance is lost.

Monsanto has done this amazing spin of how it is “feeding the world” via the genetic engineering, among other things. But Monsanto is also trying to comodify nature, so seeds won’t grow without their special sauce, and this has wreaked havoc on ecosystems internationally. The balance has been lost. There is no reason to trust an entity that pursues profit at any cost, and yet that is how most corporations are set up, lobbyists too. So that’s why you see the NRA advocating from the most insane positions, unapologetically. As long as they are making money, they will justify gun zealots running up into the maternity suite at the hospital, shooting all the new born babies and selling them for meat. They’d spin it as a new form of hunting, and say all the cool kids are doing it.

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