Yes I agree with this, certainly. But I just don’t believe extremism helps the situation all that much. I could be wrong though. The Trumpsters and Berners are at least making it clear how very corrupt the system is, so there is that.

But you have to admit the rallies, the blind loyalty, the willingness to overlook huge flaws with regard to Trump (yes he’s anti-establishment, because he’s a freaking narcissist!) it’s just nuts. Yes, people feel like they need a savior, but this any savior will do has gotten us into more hot water than we were in before. Of course the establishment was always going to go after Trump, but he gave them tons of ammunition, because he’s a narcissist, among other things. As for Trump and the racism, that’s a ridiculously complicated situation that I’d rather not touch with a 10 foot pole, neither would he. I’ll say this, he’s a typical racist, not an extreme one, but he has no problem having them in the base and that has caused him to endure more accusations of racism than the typical Pub has to endure, despite the fact that he is no more racist than any of them, just more honest, about it.

If Bernie had been allowed to run and win, the same thing would have happened to him. He wouldn’t have been allowed to change a damn thing. We see the same pattern over and over again. We elect someone based on all these promises for change, they never happen. Yet we never seem to figure out that the problem lies behind the system we see, into with the one we cannot see, until now. Both Trump and Bernie are making that much clear. So they are both helping, indirectly, to bring the corruption to light. But it’s not really about either one of them, having the power to change a damn thing. It has to change with us, the people. We have got to come to a real understanding of how broken this system is. Both Trump and Bernie supporters get it, but they’re not really doing anything productive about it. They are acting nutty, certainly not all, but enough to draw down that establishment criticism; and you are right, it probably is overblown. Doesn’t matter. It is establishment ammunition and it gets used against them constantly. That’s how the establishment wants them to be labeled, but it’s not like people don’t see the other side of it too. (At least some do)

I can also see that the establishment is making them nuts. It is a little crazy-making when, no matter what you do, which move you make, the establishment finds a way to ignore you and do what it wants to do. Yes this is enraging millions of people. But where is any of this going to end up? Dems and Pubs hate each other. Pubs hate their party. Dems hate their party. Everyone is now at each other’s throats, so where is this going? Civil war? It seems so. This is truly nuts.

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