Yes I read it already, your post on wealth. Definitely interesting ideas about all of it.

Cheating, however, can be up for debate. What are the rules and who sets them and why? I think over the years I have noticed rampant economic cheating, which I would describe as providing less for more and more and more. Products provided are a shadow form of what they once were and at triple the price. Also the monopolies, were to be avoided for this exact reason and yet they are all largely here.

Without restraint of some kind, wealth accumulation is by it’s very nature, all about cheating and stealing. If all things are created equal- and I mean really equal — how does one end up with so much more than another? Take two people- toss them on a deserted island, give them the exact same tools, how would one end up with far more wealth than the other? It probably wouldn’t happen. But it could if one is given a gun, and the other is not, because that changes things quite a bit.

Wealth creation, throughout human history, has not been tied to surplus, but rather having the ability and resources to steal or protect surplus. Or the ability to manipulate others out of their surpluses, which could be considered a form of cheating. Or to force them to create surpluses for free (slavery).

In this time in human history, all the above is being done as naseum — stealing of surplus, cheating out of surplus, manipulation of surplus — the resource attacked most often and relentlessly — the human mind and body.

I feel like these efforts have become ridiculously concentrated- to the point where the graphics, which seem ridiculous- are probably accurate. The values built into wealth accumulation systems make the of extreme concentration of wealth into smaller and smaller pockets of individuals inevitable. It has taken quite a few centuries, but sadly we are there.

Extreme concentration of wealth, in the hands of a few, causes extreme imbalances in just about every aspect of existence: sociological, environmental, economical…the whole global economic system is a house of cards. Which is why every one is on edge…what happens when it all falls down?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!