Yes…I think you absolutely have your finger on the pulse of exactly what is happening. Most people don’t want to see it though. It is a defense mechanism. Looking at collapse, talking about it directly, that is really scary.

There is a deep clinging to past structures because it’s all we know, and there is security in the known…we are on the precipice of the unknown now.

The collapse is going to be a global one, that’s never really happened before. Plus we have two sets of oligarchs duking it out, the old school central banking/ war mongering oligarchs versus the new school know everything everywhere Big Brother IT Oligarchs. ( I kinda love how Google and Apple tell entire countries to f@ck off! And I kinda don’t.)

Both sets are trying to move to a global government and the IT revolution makes this possible, but the truth is there are just too many people. They don’t want that many people in the new global world, literally billions will be left to fend for themselves.

What do we do? Invest in our communities locally. How do we do that? By developing our own consciousness in more effective ways. We really have to start thinking out of the box, but in order to do that we’ve got to stop attacking one another over systems that are, as you point out, largely irrelevant. Irrelevant to most everyday people because they are completely unresponsive to anything that we request.

Consciousness, as more people come to terms with what is happening, they can accept it and free up the mind to find better independent solutions.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!