Yes, I understand Lincoln’s motivation to end slavery was purely strategical and not moral.

The American civil war was all about what fucked up economic system was going to run the country.

The North said, it has to be a fucked up system that equally oppresses everyone through slave wages, mind control and intimidation, and we’re not fucking around with your backward ass slavery you keep trying to drag us into!

Meanwhile the South said, no, no, no it must be this brutal and diabolical thing we have going on where we pay no wages to black people, the most paltry of ones to whites and also use mind control and intimidation. We want our slavery, and damn it North, you will back us up on this!

So yeah, I totally get it. Morally both North and South, Midwest and West Coast were wrong, wrong, wrong, but still at the crux of the issue, was slavery.

And speaking of Chicago — yeah that directly ties into that brutal, horrific and diabolical institution of slavery. Do you know what Chicago sits directly on top of? Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Do you know where most blacks in Chicago are originally from? Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Do you know where they learned all that horrorific brutality? Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia.

Most white abolitionists, included founding father and plantation owner George Mason, wanted to abolish slavery because they had the foresight to see that the institution created terrible, horrible, insane and demonic monster people! They understood that whites would pay the price for this, with each other, and THAT was their primary concern. It wasn’t that they were so altruistic for black slaves — please! It was that they didn’t like that fact that slavery was turning their white brethren into subhuman monsters even in the way they dealt with one another.

Slavery, led to White on white crime (something I’m sure white people like yourself would like to believe doesn’t exist) but THERE IS TONS OF IT.

Watch the ID channel. My husband watches it religiously. It’s all about American crime, murder and embezzlement especially. Hardly ever a black person on it. Why do you think this is?

Most crime is race on race. So white hysteria about black on black crime literally makes no sense. Because it is statistically normal.

Also, crime of course rises in unstable situations and the Chicago situation has been unstable for the past 50 years. Ever since those huge “projects” were built in the 60s. And that’s exactly what they were “projects” — let’s put all the former slaves in huge skyscrapers and then do nothing. See what happens, like an ant farm.

Well…former slaves are not ants. Throw guns and drugs into the mix, its hell on earth. Most people who know how Chicago became what it is, want to hear nothing from people who don’t- because you are pointing out a horrific symptom of a 150 year old problem that was NEVER adequately solved, and that is the total legal and economic correction of the institution of slavery.

As for Antifa, I honestly don’t no much about them, but my understanding is that they are anti-fascist, people who will fight to the death to resist Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Putin, Trump types. People have very strong feelings about those types of leaders — and I think there is no shortage of people who will throw urine filled balloons at anyone advocating that we follow these types of leaders.

They are kind of two separate issues — American slavery and global tyrants (historical and current), but unfortunately these issues are converging.

For all of those who elected Trump, you are being extremely, extremely unreasonable to expect that this man would not encounter tremendous resistance, when he basically shat upon and continues to shit upon everyone who does not kiss and lick the pink, defecation stained, part of his ass. You are being unreasonable, to expect people to adore a leader who intends to destroy their lives and kill them. You are being wholly unreasonable. Many people are fighting for their very lives under the Trump Administration, and your response is what? That they should just die?

So many of them are thinking “Fuck That!” And “I ain’t going out without a fight!”

Enter Antifa…and so many on the left who are acting out. It’s not coming from just out of nowhere, or the fact that they don’t like a certain President, they don’t like the kind of President that will definitely kill them one way or another.

Most of us realize this President is lethal. I certainly do. And while I don’t think running around the streets throwing bags of urine, is an effective means of resistance (that’s disgusting! Who even comes up with something like that? Someone who watches Game of Thrones) clearly some people do.

Working with the Light!

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