Yes it did. And I understand your position, although I can’t say I agree with it. It seems to me, from my own observations, that America has done and continues to do the same thing for forever. It’s a constant cycle of wash, rinse repeat…with just about everything.

Take the recent police violence in Minneapolis. How many times have we been here? So, American police do what they do, use excessive force to the point of murder. Someone captures it on tape. It is shown for the brutal excessive, horrific demonic violence that it is. There is collective outrage and disgust from humanity. There all calls for justice, there are protests. All the politicians do whatever idiotic song and dance that it is expected: “I’m deeply saddened” or “I’m committed to change” or “I want to look into this thoroughly.” Also followed up with, “We can’t rush to judgment” or “The man in custody had a record” or “Was selling illegal CDs.” and “The police were doing their jobs.”

All the bull shit spin, that is at this point formulaic and TIRED. Cause American has been at this shit for at least 30 damn years, dating back to Rodney King.

But, people calm down. The police in question are whisked away, and never questioned by the fourth estate (isn’t that odd they question the fuck out of everyone else). The police in question, nor the force is ever held accountable for their actions. They are never even asked to explain, for example, what the fuck makes you think, putting you knee on someone’s neck is a good idea? What the fuck? Why hold it there for severeal minutes while the man is begging for life? What the fuck were you thinking in those moments. just what the fuck? Other people were thinking, “Hey you are killing that person, with your knee on their neck, why don’t you stop.” Did you ever stop to think about that? Did you think that, and just not care? Is that how you were trained to respond? Seriously? What the fuck? How did you end up in that space and time doing this particular insane thing? Are these questions ever asked? Nope never.

There are never any questions posed to the people (the officers in question, or their entire force) about what it is inside their system that encourages them to viciously murder any black man they come across for kicks. NEVER any questions about that. NEVER.

And why is that? Because those questions might actually impact change and at a grass roots level. The police are never encouraged to be self-reflective…and that is by design. Military troops are never encouraged to be self-reflective…and that is by design. They are cogs in a machine. They are sheeple. It is so important to keep them dulled, unaware, drugged up, under the influence of an illusion. They have been brainwashed into believing that they are doing nothing wrong when they randomly kill people, when they show they have very little regard for life. When they do this, they are quietly encouraged. This is because they are serving some sick, sick, sick as old as fuck American system. This is some sick, sick, sick OLD American shit…and it is systematic. There are so many OLD American systems in place that keep this shit going, dating all the way back to slavery and America’s foundation.

And this is why nothing ever happens to the officers in question. There are never any real consequences, that would discourage these officers from acting in this way. This is by design. This is systematic.

And yet…there has been this very public display of sick and satanic darkness, but the public has become less tolerant, and less accepting of this sick, sick, sick shit.

So now, America has roll out the typical “let’s make it right” spin. Oh golly wow. how are we gonna make it right? How are we going to calm public outrage and the injured parties? Oh, guess what? A civil suit will be brought. The family will be paid off in the millions. Who pays? The taxpayers, that’s who. Not the system responsible, nor the invisible factions that want and benefit from that satanic system being in place, but rather the people who were collectively traumatized and victimized by the system. They will pay for it. This ends the cycle. In a few months, it will all start up again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This cycle never changes. And America has got a million and one sick, similar, murder death kill cycles, inside and outside of its borders. They all run like that, in some similar fashion. A sick, sick system, randomly and arbitrarily destructive and anti-life.

Sometimes, but rarely, retribution is made in the form of money, but never is there any impactful or lasting change. This is how America largely runs…and it doesn’t matter who is at the head of it.

Trump has changed things up a bit, (which international players he will interact with in the world on behalf of America and why) but I certainly don’t see how any changes Trump has made have positively impacted everyday Americans, or any the citizens of any other country in the world, for that matter. (Deals with Saudi Arabia? Come the fuck on!)

I am curious, if you really think Trump has changed any of this, I’d like to know why you think that. (A lot of people seem to see Trump as this great American hero. To many to simply dismiss;and so I am genuinely curious. What is it that you all see? Either there is something to this, or it’s a collective sort of insanity around this guy. I think Caitlin is right, he makes for a very interesting case study.

As far as I can tell, American troops are still fodder for a military industrial complex that benefits average Americans very little.

Lesser developed countries are still fodder for that machine…what has changed? It seems to me that Caitlin has been pretty consistent in what she thinks and believes about America. Umair Haque illustrates an even more disturbing, but even more accurate picture of America.

I believe Caitlin is pretty accurate of her depiction of this country. It’s true that she certainly has her narrative, and she’s not likely to stray from that. No one is truly objective or impartial; as long as you have that expectation, of anyone or anything, you are likely to be consistently disappointed. But these outsiders do provide a pretty accurate reflection of a lot of things American, that most Americans are purposefully blinded to. Because if we woke the fuck up, we most likely wouldn’t want to participate in this sick satanic shit. I’m just saying.

Working with the Light!

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