Yes it feels that way, but is it really? What I mean is we are bombarded with information about all of the systematic injustices, and yes we encounter them as well. We have experiences that make them seem real, but if we can step back, really and ask ourselves, do I want to participate in this reality?

And then if you really (and I mean really!) pull your attention away from all the systems and all of the crazy stories we have told ourselves and others about them, what happens? What happens when you say strongly — I reject this. I reject all the fear and hate. I won’t buy into the stories. I will create my own reality; and it’s not going to be this. And that includes rejecting any version of reality where you lack anything at all.

Don’t ever tell yourself you don’t have enough. That is part of the programming. That is a part of the system, getting you to believe any of that. So reject it. Even if it seems crazy. Even If it seems like a lie. Just reject it. See what happens.

The energy is such that rejection at this time, is seriously damaging to the systems and programs. So many people are rejecting the programming, which makes it weaker and weaker. It’s causing all kinds of changes and instability, which is causing others to hold on to the programming in desperation. The programming is a known quantity, rogue thinking is not.

And the programming itself is so deceptive. It runs on deception, and all of that is becoming very clear. As people see through the illusion, (and more and more do everyday) the programming becomes less effective. Programmers are frantic. The programs are not working like they used to, and so there is this attempt to use greater and greater fear tactics to keep people feeding their energy into these programs, but it’s just not working the same.

As for me, personally, I can’t run those programs anymore. I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. They are fear based; and I am not interested in any reality that runs on fear. All it takes is disinterest to walk away from those fear realms entirely.

Working with the Light!

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