Yes. Not going to debate this with you however. If you care to educate yourself you can start, and this is very easy, by reading the 13th amendment of the United States Constitution. You can also google Southern Reconstruction, as well as the Jim Crow laws and the rise of the KKK, which was established in order to undermine all legal attempts to eradicate slavery in America. All of these attempts were extremely effective.

You can google Southern lynchings — still occurring to this very day. Yes systematically killing off all the black men has destroyed the black family. No doubt about it. On this we can agree.

Also the war on drugs, more conservative, racialized policy. As I said before, I grew up in a community that came under siege during the 1980s. Unprecedented amounts of drugs and guns poured into that community, despite the fact that these communities had no access to the cocaine or the guns. They were purposely shipped into those communities as a type of warfare perpetrated against those communities, by corrupt government agencies, the CIA and the FBI, for starters.

And yes this directly correlates to black on black crime in all major cities. I lived in one such city. I know what happens when someone hands a group of juvenile thugs a lot of drugs and a lot of guns…the same damn thing that happened in Afghanistan…you create the Taliban…you create ISIS…and then you act like you didn’t create that problem and you also make billions of of the drug trade that allows this kind of terrorism to flourish in the first place. And then you create a war on terror and start systematically destroying all the civil liberties. You convince one half of the population that the problem is not this rampant systemic corruption, but all those “other” people who don’t look like you. Or for those of you on the anti-fem rants, it’s the women, (the women!?!?!??) who are to be blamed for the rampant corruption. Do y’all want to blame the kids too? God the freaking insanity.

Woke ones are hip to all of that shit.

And it used to be that these sorts of tactics were primarily and exclusively used on African-Americans and people of color in other countries. No longer. You see the corrupt drug trade, having demolished and eviscerated one population, still needs consumers. This beast is ravenous and so it has now moved onto other vulnerable populations, and now they are white. And white Americans are now dying at alarming rates. Concerned? Well you should be. I am. Rural America supplies the nation’s food. What happens when these people all die off? Well, we will all be a lot hungrier for one.

And this is why I care about the wellbeing of everyone. Because we all impact one another, whether we realize it or not.

Only the idiots refuse to see the corruption for what it really is. The divide and conquer strategies for what they really are. Yeah, you are terrified of ISIS, and yet you absolutely refuse to understand that ISIS didn’t happen in a vacuum. Chicago gangland didn’t happen in a vacuum. Neither did MS-13, a far more deadly El Salvadorian organized crime unit, responsible for tremendous amounts of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking here in the USA. Do you know what their business model is? They attack rural communities (which are usually predominantly white). They do this because they know law enforcement cannot contain them in those communities.

These gangs were created via American domestic and foreign policy. And while the Chicago gangs terrorize the inner-cities, MS-13, quiet as it is kept, has decimated rural America, in much the same way. There is a heroine epidemic in America that is doing everything to rural white American communities, what the crack epidemic did to black communities. It is eviscerating them. It is destroying them.

Where are your stats on that my friend? Are whites to blame for all the white on white crime occurring in their communities? Their excessive use of heroine? The toll it is taking on their communities? The destruction of their family unit?

This is what happens when you are so idiotically racist, so he’ll bent on blaming African-Americans for the horrors inflicted upon them…you can’t even begin to see that the same exact horrors are coming for white people, and that it is by design and it is systematic.

Cause you want to make this all about race. You want to make this about the problems with black people. You want to feed the divide and conquer narrative.

You don’t want to face the truth. You don’t want to admit that it’s all about corruption and greed and that this effects every vulnerable population just the same. Well…you keep going with that, meanwhile people are dying everywhere…and it ain’t just the black and brown ones either.


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