Yes of course and there you go. Most people however do not see the divisiveness of the system because they can’t see beyond their own pain. I can relate. It’s getting pretty painful for everyone worldwide. It really is. For almost everyone who can think clearly this election is about the lesser of two evils- and neither Donald nor Hillary have made this an easy decision.

But after much deliberate and careful consideration I truly think the better choice, the slightly better choice is Hillary; and I think that because Donald is sooooooooooo erratic, unstable and (and this is unforgivable in my book) base. It’s always safer to stick to the devil you know.

But regardless, I’ve got very little control over this outcome. I’d be kidding myself if I thought I did. All of these leaks coming out…why now? I’ll tell you why now, battling forces behind these candidates are trying to control what happens next. They are attempting to manipulate public opinion one way or the other. Donald is respected by some everyday people because he’s a maverick. It’s true. He is. But he’s not the right kind. He draws his power from fear and hate and He has also created way to many powerful enemies — and they’re coming after him hard now. I doubt it’s going to stop. Even if he did become the president, he’d have to fall in line really quickly or be dealt with Kennedy style, Abe Lincoln style…the system is not particularly tolerant of Mavericks. I really don’t think he wants to be president, everything that he’s already dealing with, if he became president, it would increase 10 fold.

The Washington DC is a game of chess being played by the worlds multi billionaires, and they are not, I repeat not, going to be disrupted from their agenda by the Donald. They don’t care who gets the brass ring, but they do care, that whoever it is plays the game exactly as they want it played. He doesn’t seem to do that. But who knows really? This whole entire election might be theatre, just to make us believe we have a choice. I believe the choice has been made and it’s Hillary. The system only deals with players. Look at Obama, totally different president than what we thought we would get. The system changed him. It will change anyone in it. Only people who think they can change it, haven’t been up in it.


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