Yes thank you for this story. It has been on the lips of many people lately…black Wall Street. I’d never heard of it, but years ago a friend of mine did a documentary of another all black town in Oklahoma that was destroyed in similar fashion. Apparently there were several black thriving establishments all over the country, destroyed in similar fashion. And it’s funny how this truth rattles some of the readers of this story and they are — in their own minds- attempting to link it to what’s going on today and have reactionary responses to your piece. But then, once they mention it, I do realize that yes of course there is a connection. And yes there is this extreme fear even, that mention of all of the horrible things that have been done to blacks in this country, will result in the reverse, horrible things done to whites as a form of revenge. To which I would respond, sane people don’t think that way, nor do deeply oppressed people. Oppressed people just want to be free from oppression. Revenge is the last thing on their minds. Most sane, black people do not entertain thoughts of wholesale revenge on white people. All BLM protesters are saying is stop killing us. Is that really so difficult? And yet, so many white responses are along the lines of, “well yes it is because….” And they are not honest in their responses because the real answers are along the lines of “I’m so afraid if you are black and are even thinking about asserting that you have a right to live, I want police to kill you because I find that very threatening. The status quo I’m comfortable with is white men killing and raping your kind with impunity and you not complaining much about it. Can we go back to that? Can we get back to the Black Wall Street results where whites can burn down an entire black distinct with impunity — and not be held accountable?” Well…the answer is no. Times have changed, people have changed. We seem to be entering into a time of truth and consequences…a time of accountability. All the time, I see people everywhere trying to evade accountability. The Mexicans are stealing my jobs…no they are not stealing your jobs. Companies are moving their factories to Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor. This is simply an economic reality of globalization, but instead of trying to understand that and work with it, people would rather blame Mexicans, who are far more victimized by the corruption of these economic systems, than people complaining about job theft have ever been.

If people open their minds and look to the root of all of these social ills, the cause is almost always corruption in economic and other systems. The people are not the problem, the systems are. The way the systems have deeply brainwashed people into thinking, if one group has something of value, they’ve taken from another group, constantly pitting people against each other.

Working with the Light!

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