Yes. The problem is extremism on both sides, though and I don’t think it is fair to demonize left extremism that seems to be largely a response to right extremists. Do you expect people labeled as democrats or liberals to be mercilessly bullied by people labeled as republicans or conservatives forever? There seems to be so much shock and dismay that these people are reacting, as normal people typically do…punch someone hard in the face…and eventually they will punch you back… the longer and harder the agressor has been punching the more ferocious the initial fight back will be.

I think liberals are now responding like Brienne of Tarth in her last moments of fighting the Hound. She gets to a point where she just loses her ever-loving mind! It’s like it is payback for everyone who ever crossed her, or told her she was a big, ugly, “dumb bitch” of a woman.

You know, at first she fights fair, but does the Hound? Hell no. He tells her, “I’m not a Knight” After he says that …she just loses it!

She represents “liberals” and the Hound represents every “conservative” spouting all that racist, sexist, xenophobic, hateful rhetoric that has made certain lives miserable for… well… forever. Look at it. It’s hysterical!

Were you not entertained?



Working with the Light!

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