Yes…they are killing themselves due to 400 years of systematic oppression that had left the most vulnerable no other options. Black Americans are killing themselves in the same way that Syrians or Palestinians are. If you bomb the hell out of an area, guess what? It gets a little violent and dysfunctional.

Black communities, while not always bombed, have always been under attack in America. (One black community in Philadelphia was actually bombed — Move, a political group countering police brutality which has always been a problem within Black communities. Really not all that surprising when you realize the very first police officers in America were actually slave catchers and overseers. Law enforcement grew out of a need to beat and harass plantation slaves into submission.

Hell yes, very systematic destruction of black communities has been happening in America ever since blacks have been in America. And you can completely ignore history, if you like, but you will never change it though. It is on the books and all very well documented for those who can read.

Clearly you are determined to hold onto your really basic understanding of race in America, which is to say blacks are violent and criminal and inferior to whites, and you refuse to consider any information that does not reinforce that view. Well enjoy your racism.


Working with the Light!

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