Yes this. A huge portion of the country is dissatisfied with him though, as we should be dissatisfied with any judge who values corporate profits over human beings lives. And there is your evidence, from a source you love, I am sure.,

Other than the Supreme Court most of what you attribute to Trump is pure fiction. And it would have to be.

It’s entirely unrealistic to even expect a President to accomplish much of anything in under four years, and especially when he is trying to undo everything the prior administration did. It’s completely destructive Course of action no matter who is in office. But when you just make up things, because you want to believe them (and completely ignore the reality of what’s happening in Washington DC) you are a part of the problem. I read legislation. I read the actual bills that do or don’t get passed. I read the ACA and the Pub nightmares replacement the ACHA. It was ridiculous! How could 26 pages of legislation possibly replace 10,000? No one in the Trump Administration even worked on the bill! And if he really wanted to replace the ACA, Trump would have had an entire team on it.

Instead he left it all to Congressional pubs and it’s been a nightmare. There’s been no other legislation.

The current budget doesn’t expire until 2018, so we won’t even know what Trump has or hasn’t done for another two years.

Employment/unemployment..there are some serious issues that no president can resolve, and you are largely kidding yourself if you think so.

Trump is not Santa Claus, and I will say it’s unfair to even expect him to be. He claims he is. But that’s a lie and a con, and millions are falling for it, without any real EVIDENCE as you say, that he has brought any goodies.

Maybe you belief in fantasy will see you through. Good luck with that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!