Yes this is exactly what some are saying. We had to face it eventually, Trump’s bringing it all to the forefront and isn’t it our chickens coming home to roost anyway? And yes, that’s all probably true, but…I don’t know I would have preferred a slower demise under Clinton, but that’s assuming she wouldn’t have started WWIII, which was my one real burn the house down concern with her.

Yeah it is hard to believe Trump has an IQ of 160, given the way that he behaves. But isn’t it possible to be extremely intelligent in a logical and linear way and have a personality disorder that leads to low emotional intelligence? While I too doubt the veracity of the 160 IQ claim, he has to be above average intelligence to be able to essentially run they same tired con over and over and over again on bigger stages and with ever more followers and never gets caught. He never pays the piper. Now he is the president of the United States???? That cannot just be luck. There has to be some extraordinarily manipulative intelligence behind that…a sort of pretending to be one thing, while actually being and doing quite another.

He has all these bankruptcies, all these marriages, doesn’t pay any bills that he doesn’t want to…not even his legal bills, despite the fact that his lawyers keep him from having to pay his other bills. He doesn’t pay taxes, and quips “that makes me smart” in front of millions who do. They eat it the hell up. So think about it. It’s possible that he knows a segment of the population is going to respond this way to his antics and so he proceeds with them.

People say, “he’s a very successful business man.” Yeah, maybe if the business is conning. More accurately he is an extraordinarily successful con man, as all of his wealth has been derived from building a brand that offers nothing more than his audacity, his brash, insincere, bullying demeanor-and-I’ll give him this- some nice hotels.

Because of that brand he has been able to convince millions of stupid people to give him their money- and now that he is inside our political system? For someone like him, political fundraising is a cash cow. He knows exactly which buttons to push, like a Nigerian telling stupid Americans they have won some mysterious overseas lottery. Unbelievable the amount of people who continue to fall for that con, and pour their entire life savings down the drain. Trump is literally doing the exact same thing to people who support him. He has literally set up a fundraising system that has trained these people, like little lab rats, to give him money every time a particular button is pressed — and they do it. Like clockwork.

You gotta admit, that takes a certain amount of intelligence, no?

And yet, everyone is not this stupid. So how long can he get away with this, is what I wonder. He is disturbing some pretty powerful forces over here. He is supposedly, allegedly battling with the Koch Brothers.

Now these are real billionaires who have essentially bought a state, Wisconsin, and turned it into their own corporate conglomerate entity. But they won’t support Trump and in return he allegedly takes little jabs at them. No other politician would be so bold, but it is hard to know what is true these days or even if that is true. Trump and the Koch brothers want to run down the exact same overall agenda, where they differ is in approach and technique. The Koch brothers pay Paul Ryan to do their bidding and they want things to look respectable. They want to play that game, to pretend that there is some moral and political basis to the way they have coopted the state of Wisconsin for their personal enrichment.

Anyway, they are not the only billionaires Trump has seemingly disturbed. His tweets disrupt entire industries. How long are other powerful forces going to tolerate this man? Yes he is an extraordinary con man, but isn’t he stretching the limits of his particular conning abilities? He simply cannot con everyone in America, but it seems like that is his end goal. To get everyone to submit to his con. He has already conned an entire political party!

Trump Is no Republican, but he is a President under their banner and they can’t control him! He has got his grip firmly on the largest portion of their base and has been beating them over the head with it for the past six months or so.

What I am wondering is, is this a miscalculation on Trump’s part or is he going to do it? Is he really going to pull off the biggest con in history on a global scale? Is he going to use the American political system to completely enrich himself, by pulling all of the money out of America and making all these global deals that benefit him personally, while completely jeopardizing America?

And…if he does, I am not even going to argue that the typical American doesn’t deserve it, and his fellow billionaires certainly deserve it, but the world sure as hell doesn’t.

Is there no one in the world who can stop Trump from destroying the climate and/or creating a big oil bubble that will ultimately cause global financial chaos? Which will lead to a third World War? Do smart people just have to sit by and watch this whole thing happen?

Now is the time to get lost on some tropical deserted island.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!