Yes this. These types don’t particularly hide that this is their worldview…I wonder if the immolation of it though, at all levels, is due to their prestige. I think of Bill Cosby’s betrayal of America. We thought he was someone we could trust to sell pudding pops to our kids.

But no. He was a monster. And not privileged, but coming from the antithesis of privilege…so then why? Why did he one day say to himself:

“You know what I want to do? I want to rape white women (it had to be a deliberate choice as he is not white) similar to the way the frat boys do.”

Did he see this as a way to signify that he was in the in-crowd? A friend pointed out to me, that there’s absolutely no way that Cosby’s predilection was a secret. He was enabled, probably by nefarious forces all to eager to fed his disgusting habit. Probably in the same way addicts are extraordinarily supportive of other addict’s drug use. It was probably behavior that many associated with Cosby engaged in.

This runs deep in a culture, that has deeply sick and twisted relationship with sexuality, dating all the way back to slavery…oh sexual sickness in that institution, boggles the mind.

Working with the Light!

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